Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Countdown!!

Well it is that time of year FAVORITE time of year again...Christmas time!  One of our favorite traditions is doing our Christmas countdown and I am so excited to get started!  This is our third year (you can see our first year's list here and our second year's list here) to do the Christmas Countdown and it is probably still my favorite idea from Pinterest. 

Soooo I noticed after last years that I really needed to include in the activities things that we were going to have to do anyway like wrap presents, address Christmas cards, etc.  I also realized I really needed to look at days we already had stuff planned (like small group or Christmas parties) and plan easy, quick things for those days.  And last, but not least, every December weekend is crazy busy (fun, but busy) so I planned for every Monday to be a family movie night this year.  Now, without further adieu, our 2013 Christmas Countdown (not in order):

1. Minivan Express
2. Christmas Train
3. Read the Christmas story in a fort
4. Grinch Storytime, Whoville Feast, and the Grinch movie
5. Wrapping party
6. Watch Frozen
7. Candlelight dinner and Special Bath
8. Watch Rudolph and have Rudolph pancakes for dinner
9. Watch Frosty the Snowman and make Snowman pizza
10. Watch Veggie Tales and make Jesus in a Manger treats
11. Watch Santa Claus and Veggie Tales St. Nicholas (both short) and have Santa waffles
12.  Nativity Night--Read the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible and retell it using our Little People Nativity
13. Night at the Square
14. Neighbor gift. 
15. Christmas Cards (the kids make a Christmas card for a soldier--I send out our Christmas cards)
16. Dance Party and Christmas Action Cards. Kids decorate their trees
17.  Cookie Decorating tea party
18. Christmas light scavenger hunt
19. Christmas craft
20. Random acts of kindness
21. Toys for Tots
22. Decorate Ornaments
23. Shop for sibling at the Dollar Store (one of our favorites)
24. Make Jesus' Birthday Cake
25. Happy Birthday Jesus Party!!!!!

Oh, and one last tip--some things like Toys for Tots or Christmas Cards for soldiers have to be done by a certain date so you have to make sure those are earlier!  Also, both previous years there have been things we didn't get done because things came up or we got sick and that is just fine.  I figure if we only get half of the stuff done we have still made lots of great memories together! 

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