Thursday, January 8, 2009

Four Months Today!!

Lilly is four months old today!! It seems like time has flown, but again it seems like we have always had her. At four months she is doing a few things....

  • Chewing on her fingers....this is her favorite thing to do....Oh, how I wish I could be so entertained by looking and chewing on my fingers....Lilly does not take those babies for granted!!
  • Still rolling from stomach to back
  • Holding her head up...sitting in her bumbo and loving it.
  • Cooing continuously. She is also changing the tone in her voice...soft....squeal...normal
  • Laughing outloud
  • Grabbing and shaking toys
  • Kicking legs like crazy! If you hold her upright she just runs in place. Before the doctor today, Matt and I had lunch at Stonemill....they had great Chicken and Dumplings! Anyway, Lilly took a nap while we ate and she looked so adorable....I took a photo.
    At the doctor...Lilly weighed 13 lbs. 4 oz. (55th %), she is 23 1/2 inches long (40th %) and her head is b/t the 5th and 10th percentile. She had to get stupid shots again today and the hussy in the above picture is the one that gave them to her.

    She is getting the oral vaccine in this pic...didn't take pictures during shots...had to be there for the sweet baby.
    So she cried for just a second and then she did what I call the angry coo. Where she is cooing but it sounds like she is telling you off....something like, "I didn't like that!!!"
    We were ready to leave! She was happy cooing by now. She has done really well. When we first got home, her injection spot was really bothering the point that we got in the car and drove to put her to sleep. Since that catnap, she has been A-Ok.
    Grandma DeDe is here. I think you can tell that Lilly is excited about that! Yay DeDe.
    We went to the Trumbo's tonight to watch the championship game. I finally got some photos. Trenton was pretty funny. At one point, he had taken all of Lilly's toys and put them away in his room. In this picture, we said, "say cheese" and smiled and put his fingers on his face!! He is wearing the block container as a hat.
    He was wearing his hat, but it had just fallen off. Taken a ride in the tonka.

    There he is in all his glory..Tonka truck-check, Block container hat-check, "Cheese"-check, check! What a cutie!
    We leave you tonight with an extreme Tank closeup!

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