Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! What better way to start the new year than with an at home Lilly photo shoot?? We couldn't think of anything we did.
Sitting in her new favorite...the Bumbo Chair...such a big girl.
Is this going to take a while, mom??
Oh, Okay, I guess I can smile for a few. I bought this tutu from Bibs and Cribs before Thanksgiving....she will clearly wear this more later, but I just couldn't wait anymore.
Giggling. She tried to eat the tutu and I think she was tickling herself with it in this picture.
I am kind of the cutest thing ever. (By the way, This is Ridonkulous! Why doesn't dad have to do this crap?)
Our Angel!
Getting herself in the face with the tutu again.
We're still doing this?
Uncle Sam wants you!
Enough, it is my nap time! Lilly really did have a good time with the was like wearing a toy. She played with it and tried to eat it and kept tickling herself on accident. However, towards the was nap time and she kept giving me the looks you see in the last couple. Clearly, she is telling me she is done with the photos.......grrr...she is going to be just like her daddy!
Lilly is playing with the keys her Aunt Kay got her for Christmas. Bert and Becca's dog Buddy has this thing where he finds the squeaker in his toy and just repeatedly hits it (kind of a talent). Well, Lilly's arm did that with the keys. It just kept saying, "Wahoo" "Chirp. Chirp. Let's go" "Vroom" over and over.

Playing with her ball. She is trying to get it to her mouth.
Finally made it. She tried to get it in her mouth and was getting so frustrated.
She gave up and was expressing her frustration.
I thought she was being really sweet and giving the bird a big hug......
Nah...just wanting to bite it's beak. So, these last few aren't her most exciting photos but I wanted to show her playing with some of her Christmas toys. Also, it was good to see her feeling well enough to play. She has been feeling much better. Matt and I weren't feeling great yesterday, but we are feeling good today. Lilly's Momo watched her tonight so that we could go to the movies. We ate at the Olive Garden and went to see "Yes, Man". It was a really good movie. Funny! So, on Brody's blog, I saw she listed the high points of the are ours!
  • January--found out we were pregnant (pleasantly surprised),--Matt started doing the internet website instead of sales...halleluah. February 6th--first doctor's appt....had to do ultrasound to find out we were 6 weeks 6 days pregnant...saw her little heartbeat...looked like bike petals going around and around. May--graduated college--found out Lilly was a sweet baby girl--got contract on house. June--sold house--thank you lord. July--had to go to UAMS to get super scary ultrasound...our baby was perfect! Not a fun day...Matt and Debbie had a drink...I had cold stone. --Started numerous child birth/preparedness classes --went to the beach for a GREAT vacation! August--married 4 years. Went to Branson for a last hoorah without child. September--had our sweet baby Lilly. Since then, we have enjoyed all the firsts with Lilly...halloween, thanksgiving, christmas pageant, christmas. We had such a blessed year with so many surprises...all so much better than we could have and tried to plan for ourselves. Thank God for his timing and his plans!!


Cori said...

We saw "Yes, Man" yesterday! It was great!!!

Amanda said...

Ha! She looks so pretty in her tutu and matching bow! I can tell she will get a lot of wear out of it! Enjoy!

Cori said...

We definitely should get together to play games! We got a really fun version of Life for Christmas and it is great! Call Lindsey and schedule a game night!

Anonymous said...

How did Branson go for you? It's so relaxing to be at one of the Branson hotels by the lake! Go to the spa and just hang out by the lake!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Branson was great. It was a nice relaxing weekend. I tried to leave this on your site...but couldn't get to it.