Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're Pregnant!!!

SURPRISE!! Okay so first I will tell the story of how we found out and then I will answer most frequently asked questions and give family reactions. So, last Sunday (the day before MLK day) was the one year anniversary of the day we found out we were pregnant with Lilly. In honor of the day, I thought it would be cute to take a pregnancy test (thinking it was not possible for it to turn positive)...............well, it turned positive right away!!!! So, exactly one year apart to the day, we found out we are having another baby. For the past two MLK days, I have celebrated by going to the doctor and getting blood work done. Alright, now for the most frequently asked questions:
  1. Were you trying?? No, quite the opposite. I was still breast feeding and we were practicing birth control. God is funny!!
  2. What do you and Matt think?? What else?? We are excited! If we have learned anything over the past couple of years it is that God's plan for our lives is always better than what we planned. Plus, what could be wrong with another little Lilly.
  3. When are you due?? Well, Lilly was born Sept. 8th and this little bundle is due Sept. 10th.
  4. How are you feeling?? Thank you for asking! It has been a rough week--kind of like having the stomach flu and taking care of a newborn. However, if it is like my pregnancy with Lilly, I should start feeling better in a couple of days. Week 6 and 7 were the rough ones last go round and so far there are lots of similarities.
  5. Are we hoping for a boy or a girl?? We absolutely do not have a preference. We are just praying for a healthy little baby. I would be equally excited either way and Matt feels the same.

Okay, now for the reactions of our family and friends...

  • "Hahahahahahahahahaha"--Grandma DeDe...she laughs every time we talk to her.
  • "I'm sorry what did you say??"--MoMo
  • "Don't you know how to prevent that?"--Jennifer Kelly and Ryan Larsen and Grandpa Dennis
  • "My goodness!! Your doctor will give you stuff that is almost free to help prevent that!!!"--Melissa Cross
  • "That is wonderful news!"--Grandpa Mike
  • Remarks comparing us to the Duggers (i.e. calling Matt "Jim Bob")--Uncle Bert
  • " are about to be busy"--several people in Perryville.
  • ""--Lisa Trumbo
  • "That is great!!" --Granddaddy

It has been fun telling everyone...of course they are as surprised as we are!! Stay tuned to this blog because you can bet it is going to get a lot more interesting. (Oh yeah, when we went to dr. with Lilly we were 6 weeks and 6 days....when we went to the dr. Wednesday, we were 6 weeks and 6 days...crazy coincidinces!!


Jennifer said...

OH MY WORD! OH MY WORD! That's all I can think! OH MY WORD!!!! Congratulations!! I know it really is exciting!! I'm just so shocked! I hope you are feeling better soon! My cousins are a year and one day apart (they have sept bdays too) and they are very close, so I'm sure you will have the same with Lilly and the baby!! I bet Emily felt like she was having Déjà vu!! Haha!

Lindsay and Robert said...

Congratulations!! It will probably be wild, but fun and exciting, too! I know Lilly will be a great big sister!

Cori said...

HOLY MOLY!!!! I bet Lilly and the new baby will have the same birthday!! I am so excited for you...

Matt said...

Do we need to talk about what causes this? All I can say... You two need to watch more TV!

Amber said...

I just about fell out of my seat!!!! I can't wait to talk to Debbie and Mrs. Mary Faye!!!!

lilcobbers said...

I was so shocked when Scott told me! How exciting...glad it's you and not me!!! I'm sure it well be hard at first, but will be great when they get a little older. They'll probably be best buds!

The Malones said...

Congratulations! I still cannot believe it! I know you'll be happy either way, but I'm hoping it's a boy so that Marshall will have a buddy to play with when Eva Kate & Lilly are busy with Barbies and baby dolls! =)

Mary Lynn said...

Congratulations! Such fun news!! Lilly is perfect so I bet number two will be also!

Bolding Fam said...

WOW! That is incredible! Love the comments from your fam! Hope to see you guys and Lilly soon!