Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How it is going..

Well I hadn't posted an update because I knew I needed to give it a couple of days or the post would have simply said, "This Sucks!!" So, first I will tell you our plan of action. Did you know about Mom and Dad's plan????!!!
Step One: Lots of daytime activity and playing
Step Two: Firmly establish bedtime follows
PJs and Reading a bedtime story
Gas Relief (Burping). Matt and I have done this routine since she was born but have been highly inconsistent at best!!
Step Three: When good and drowsy lay her down in her bed.
Step Four: Go in at timed intervals until she fell asleep.
So how is it going??? It is improving. The first night she woke up every hour until two and then slept through the rest of the night. During naps, it was an ordeal to get her to sleep and then both naps twenty minutes in the dogs went crazy and woke her up. Sooooo....last night we changed master bedrooms to one the guest bedroom furthest away from the dogs. It was that or get rid of them. Last night, although it took a while to get her to sleep (My Fault, I moved her because she had spit up and we had to start all over..stupid, stupid, stupid) but she slept until 5, woke up for 10 minutes and fell back asleep until 9:30. It is miserable at times but it is getting better and I know in the end we will be happy and she needed to be able to fall asleep or back asleep on her own. In the meantime I feel like a neglectful mom b/c I just want to pick her up and rock her to sleep...but that is not what's best for her (I have to repeat that to myself a million times a day). If anyone has a better way...let me know!!
She is taking all of this pretty well. I just took this picture. (I honestly think I have cried more than her....I used to not be this sen-si-tive! I am hoping it is just hormones and it goes away.)
Blinded by the flash.
You might not be able to tell in this picture, but she has her head and shoulders completely off the ottoman. She is doing, she thinks she can sit up on her own. She will grab my fingers and without me pulling, she will sit all the way up. The doctor kept talking about how strong she is! She does not like to lay flat.


Jennifer said...

Yay! You are doing great! Hang in there! I promise it will pay off! We started doing that around 8-9 weeks and it was soooo hard, but after a few nights of it he just went right to sleep and now he sleeps 10-12 hours straight!! We used the book On Becoming Babywise to get Brody sleeping. I bought it when Brody was a couple weeks old and it has really helped us establish a routine during the day and at night. I'm not disciplined enough to stick to one my own!!:) I felt totally retarded in the area of bedtime!!

Cori said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I am proud of you for your bedtime routine... I am sure that is very hard, but it sounds like you are doing just fine.. If it makes you feel any better, I can't hear her crying over here!!!!