Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lilly's new favorite...

Lilly's Aunt Kay, Melissa, and Jennifer got her this bouncy jumper toy as a shower gift and we have been waiting for her to get big enough to play in it. Well, Lilly LOVES to can hardly get her to sit in your lap because she is always wanting to stand. So when MoMo was visiting us the other day, she assembled the bouncy jumping toy and Lilly loves it!!!!! She tries to eat the frog. There is also a mirror there and she finds herself very entertaining!
Posing for a picture...that's my girl.
Ok, so even on the lowest level...her feet can only touch one of two ways. Option one in the above picture is with one flat foot and the other one not touching....
or Option Two--touch with both tippie toes. She can bounce either way and she thinks that is funny.
Little sneaker!! I was playing with Lilly in bed one morning and she fell asleep in our bed (we are making her stay in her bed now). I was a big old softie and let her take a nap there and slept for a long "ah, this is what I am talking about" comfortable. She is so sweet and cute!!

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