Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lilly is watching Tank! She has enjoyed having him back. He was running around like crazy and she just watched him like, "What is wrong with that boy?"
Lilly is happy happy. She is also wearing her "Grandpa's Sweetheart" shirt...awe.

She is doing this thing now where she recognizes the camera and just stares at. So I will be trying to get a picture of her doing something and she turns and looks at the camera.
Please oh Please! Look at those sweet eyes and clasped hands...she is going to be able to get whatever she wants.
Lilly has some of the funniest expressions. The next few pictures are just cute faces.

(VIDEO) The above is a video of Lilly. She is just cooing. You may not find it that interesting, but she has really been cooing a lot lately. She has always been connecting them. I sing to her "Rock a Bye Baby" when I am rocking her to sleep and she has started cooing really softly like she is trying to sing along....soooo cute!

(VIDEO) AHA!! I caught the roll. So, Lilly has been rolling for a long time now.....but I finally got it on video!! Not much else has been going on here. Lilly and I had the perfect trip to Wal-Mart today. She was soooo good. She stayed in her carseat the whole time. Happy and talking, then napping, then happy and talking. The best trip ever. Oh, she is laughing outloud now! We left her baby einstein videos in b-town so we have resorted to Barney these past couple of days.....she LOVES it. She laughs and laughs. Tomorrow she is four months! She has her doctors appointment too. So, tomorrow I will post those findings and what she is doing at four months old. DeDe is coming tomorrow!! We can't wait!


lilcobbers said...

She's so sweet! I love her tu tu outfit and bow! We've got to see this girl. I hate we've missed you when you've been in town. Please call us next time and hopefully everyone will be feeling well!

Jennifer said...

I love all the pictures! She is too cute! I love the video of her cooing! That is so sweet! It's almost impossible to catch them rolling over! I almost pulled my hair out for 2 weeks trying to catch Brody's roll. Good job finally getting that!!