Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lilly and the Ice Storm

Well, now that we have electricity and are a couple of things our little angel have been up to..... Holding her own bottle. For a while now she would grab it for a couple of minutes, but she held the above bottle for the whole time. Go Lilly!! She still holds her big bottles for a couple minutes at a time.
We officially caught her rolling over from her back to her front! (This is a picture right after she did.) We knew she was doing it because we would lay her down on her back and when we would check in on her she would be on stomach. Since Tuesday, she has been a rolling maching. She will roll from her front to her back or from her back to her front....but she will not do one right after the other. If she rolls to her stomach, she forgets she can roll back to her back. I know it won't be long before our little smarty figures it out.
All bundled up while we had no power. I might have over-bundled her because she started sweating. So, for the ice storm, we were without power for two days. We stayed the first night with our neighbors (and friends) because they had a wood-burning fireplace. However, it still got FREEZING so the next day we went to my aunt Theresa and uncle Mike's because they had electricity!!! Sweet sweet power!! How do the Amish do it?????? My aunt Cindy and uncle Greg are still without power. The womens hospital didn't have power for three about a bad time to have a baby!
The doggies...Champ and Chunk inside staying warm.
This is the bush outside on Tuesday around 2:00 (way before it had finished icing).

A tree at the same time.
This is the bench outside my aunt's house. They said we got at least 2 inches of ice. You could stand outside and just hear branches popping everywhere. It was crazy! The sky was also lighting up with transformers arching and blowing all over the place too.
A tree branch.
Lots of ice...and this was at my aunt's (we got more at our house).
The whole tree. Pictures don't do it justice.
This is that long grass in landscaping. So much ice.
My uncle Mike used the FAKE BIRD to play a prank of his neighbors.
The traffic lights weren't working for days.
Broken trees. It is so sad to see them all.

When it comes to trees, it pays to be flexible! This seemed like the best case scenario for a tree. Covered in ice and all bent over.
More broken and bent trees.
This tree is in our neighborhood.
This is a bush that lines the walkway. The branches broke off but the tips were iced to the brick and stayed there. There is no branch connecting it the bush on the side.
This is the tree in our front yard.
This is a branch in our yard after a full day of being above freezing!! Still so much ice. Well, we survived the ice storm and I really can't complain because we were blessed and had several options of places to go where we could stay warm.


Cori said...

We enjoyed getting to spend some time with you guys! We should get together more often :o)

The Speight Family said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Your little girl is so cute as well and congratulations on another little bundle of joy!

Jill said...

hi sara! i am happy you found my blog! i have been reading yours for a while and i think sweet lilly is so pretty! i love all her cute outfits! mrs. debbie is so sweet, her and mike are some of my favorite people! congrats on another sweet baby!! i look forward to reading all about it! good to hear from you!