Thursday, April 2, 2009

All Moved!!

Well we haven't posted in a while because we've been moving--just an in town type of move...but that doesn't make it any less work!! (BTW-we planned the big move for Saturday and out of nowhere--it snowed all stinking day!!) Anyway, Miss Priss has been up to so much! Here are some of the work she has been up to:
  • Teething. For a couple weeks, she has been working on her bottom two teeth. One is sooooo close to breaking through! I can feel it. To be honest (and I am knocking on wood) she has been so great throughout the whole teething experience. She does want to be held a little more some days, but I can always handle that (c:
  • Getting ready to crawl!!! She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks. It is so cute. I HAVE to get it on video. She also figured out that if she rocks a little, she gets some momentum and can throw herself forward to get what she wants sooner. Between that and rolling she pretty much gets wherever she wants to go!
  • Jumping....she is crazy about some jumping. In the jumper, out of the jumper, it doesn't matter--she will wear your arms out!
  • Laughing and smiling--especially at Tank. Champ was running through the house to get to the van (one of the labs) and licked her right in the face...she just laughed! Her personality is really coming out and she is just so funny!!!
  • Eating-she is serious about some food. She doesn't waste any on her face anymore. She is a pretty clean eater now--that is unless she decides to blow some air raspberries right after she gets a bite. She is eating all kinds of food--squash, green beans, sweet potatoes, peaches, cereal, oatmeal, bananas, pears, etc. She has yet to meet a food she doesn't like!
  • Growing like a weed! I can't believe it. It took both Matt and I to get her little booty in some jeans the other day--as DeDe says, "she has some junk in the trunk". haha. She is so adorable! A couple of weekends ago, we took Champ and Chunk (the labs) to B-town to stay at Matt's Aunt Kay and Uncle Mac's house. The place we moved to doesn't have a yard and they were nice enough to gladly open their home and yard to our babies! What would we do without our family?? (I think I say that every post--but seriously!!) It is such a blessing to know that they are taken care of and getting attention and we can still visit when we are in town!!!! Thanks again guys!
    Happy in the new massive back yard!
    Sweet Lilly wearing DeDe out by jumping non-stop!
    Are you talking to me???
    All dressed up and ready for church!
    My nephew Ethan was staying with MoMo the same weekend and came over to Mike and Debbie's to play with Eli and Thomas and Ray.
    While at DeDe's, Lilly's favorite toy was this Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon! She is a born shopper--and savvy at that!

    Flying! Daddy makes a great airplane.
    Such a sweet face! Our little angel! We just love being her parents!!!

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Lindsay and Robert said...

Graet photos and a great update! I'm glad you guys are finished with the move - I know that can be a pain. I love the pictures of Lilly with the coupon - sometimes it's the simple things that keep them entertained!!