Thursday, April 16, 2009


Styling in her hat because it was COLD in daddy's office!!
We went to Aunt CiCi and Uncle Greg's house and they had a surprise for Lilly--a new Tutu!! Yay for tutus! This one is her razorback tutu.
Playing in the floor this morning.
This is her outfit for today. Her shirt says "sweet"--it is perfect for her because she really is just the sweetest natured little girl in the world!! I really think I would think that without my parental bias but I guess we will never really know. The wet spot on her left leg is from the DMV. I gave her a juice bottle at the DMV. I literally looked up at the lady and signed two places and looked back down and she had shaken juice EVERYWHERE. The car seat was wet, her jeans were wet, the bib she was wearing was soaked. This was a good hour after the "juice incident". I took the juice bottle and she giggled! So funny.
I went in to check on Miss Priss while she was napping today and this is how I found her. I don't know how well you can tell, but she is totally on her knees, her but is way up in the air, and her stomach is not touching the bed.
Lilly loves to drink out of a straw or the side of the cup. She gets a little excited and tends to over drink on the side of the cup so the straw works best right now.

She is so cute. Before the straw gets to her mouth, she opens her mouth as wide as she can and shakes her hands in excitement.
Tank is also the funniest toy we have in the house to Lilly. She just loves it and laughs any time he is near. She especially loves whenever he gets close enough and lets her touch him!
Lilly and Tank posing for the camera.
She thinks it is a RIOT when he chases his bone around the living room!!

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Debbie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do have lots of grilling recipes that I use lots, so I will look through those and post some that I think you might like. I, of course, don't have the excuse of being pregnant for my extra weight gain! Lilly is such a doll. I think it's about time I got to meet her:)