Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ear Infection

Well, I owe teething a big fat apology. Turns out that our sweet little angel has an ear infection. So that is the reason she hasn't been sleeping and has been a little clingy. I never suspected it because she is happy go lucky during the day--laughing, rolling, playing, etc. Considering that she has a pretty good ear infection, she has been doing so great!!! Poor baby girl.

On another note, her 6 month photos are in...you can see them at http://shopnovo-studio.com/cart/index.php?gnum=75&p=sarahmatt. I must explain first, though, that it was a really nice day out so we decided to do an outside photo shoot. HOWEVER, we didn't take into account that it was probably the WINDIEST day of the year and maybe in history. I tell you this to explain my hair in almost every photo--you will see and understand. Lilly, of course, looks darling anyway.

The weather is beautiful here today! So we decided to take advantage and go for a walk.
She is wearing the hat to cover that sweet ear. This is before we left the house...I wanted to get a picture of this outfit. Her shirt says, "Totally Sweet"--pretty fitting I think.
See--she IS totally sweet.
Here is Tank in the car ready to go "walking" at the park. Tank recognizes the word "walk" and goes nuts!!! He runs in circles, barks, and runs back and forth between us and the door. He loves going walking.
Here is a picture of her in the stroller. Notice a couple of things. 1.) She is saftely buckled in and harnessed up. 2.) Sunday, she slipped out of the stroller underneath where it says evenflo....so in hindsight, now that we are calm....it was really only a foot. Also, our pediatrician made me feel so much better when he said his own daughter fell off of the top of the shopping cart at 11 months old. It just made me feel better knowing that even pediatricians make mistakes like that.
Mommy and Lilly posing for a photo op during the walk. Oh yeah, we had lunch with MoMo and GG Berti today. Lilly was doing really loud pterodactyl shrieks for the entire restaurant. It was hilarious and embarassing at the same time. She would shriek at the top of her lungs and then giggle.

Ok, this video (ABOVE) is my favorite video so far. You will have to ignore Matt and I. Also, the first minute of the video-I did a HORRIBLE job videotaping (think Blair Witch Project). BUT, the second minute is priceless. I swear it actually sounds like she says "I love you Daddy" a couple of times. Especially right after I say that she is so cute and sweet. Maybe Matt and I are hearing things, but we totally hear it!!!

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