Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Okay-a couple of disclaimers. We went to Bentonio this weekend for Easter. We had a blast, stayed super busy, and took lots of pictures. So, this post has like 20 pictures on it so I will try to keep comments brief! However, I have to thank my Grandma Odie for helping us get off to a smooth start. She came over and helped with Lilly while I showered and packed all the stuff it takes to go out of town! It was great getting away stress-free! I am LOVING living so close!! Happy Easter! DeDe got Lilly this adorable Easter outfit.
Easter Dress--this dress was courtesy of MoMo! Pictures just do not show how stinking cute she looked. She was like a beautiful little doll....sooooo girly!!
We went to church and she sat in big church and did GREAT.
Lilly, Mommy, and Daddy. Matt is bending over because apparently I am pretty short! How did I go all this time without realizing that???
Daddy and Lilly...soo serious.
MoMo wrapped Lilly's Easter basket in purple cellophane--her favorite!!! She thought that was great. I couldn't get her to look at anything inside the basket.
Here is what was inside her basket from MoMo. The Barbie was on sale for one day only-Barbie's 50th birthday. Pretty sweet.
She also got Easter gifts from DeDe and Grandpa Mike. The chicken sings and does the chicken dance. Lilly loves it. I think she was trying to do the dance in her jumper while watching it. I love the bib and the Noah's Arc eggs. Since Matt and I are good parents, we are going to eat the candy out of the eggs....for her safety of course!
Saturday we went and watched Eli play t-ball. I forgot how cute sports are at age 4!!
Thomas worked overtime to entertain Lilly...including getting her all kinds of toys, wearing a sombrero, and riding the horsey. Ha! Okay...time for family photo ops!
Lilly and Uncle Bert--she loved to smile at Bert!
Lilly and Granddaddy. He tried to talk Lilly into staying with him.
MamMa and Lilly.
The infamous white rabbit. This is one of the many toys that Thomas found for Lilly--by far, her favorite!! She played with it all day and for an hour on the trip home!!!
Uncle Bert, Aunt Becca, Buddy dog, and Lilly. Happy birthday Becca!!
Cheese. Uncle Bert, Aunt Becca, Daddy, Lilly, Mommy, Grandpa, DeDe. No, DeDe wasn't in a fight-she had surgery on her rotator cuff. She wasn't able to hold Lilly all was HARD for her and Lilly! Next time DeDe.
Ray, Aunt Kay, Lilly, and Thomas. Lilly looks like she is going, "huh, me"
Lilly and Melissa.
Okay so I wasn't great at few words, but hey! I didn't get any pictures of my side of the family--forgot to break out the camera. I never realize that until I go to post! We had a great trip and a fabulous Easter....we hope you guys did too!!!

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