Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stupid tooth!!

Why will that stupid tooth not just break through already?????? It is driving me crazy. I can just tell sometimes that her little gums are so sore and this stupid tooth is just taking it's sweet little time...grrrr. She is handling it all pretty well. She wants to be held and cuddled more--which I love, but it is not helping with the unpacking of the house! She does wake up once in the middle of the night for juice. I don't know if she is parched due to teething or just needs a little more juice during the day. Anywho..I forgot to mention a few of things Ms. Lilly has been up to. 1. On the way back from B-town, she said and I quote!!! "mamamama"!! Now, I know she may not have known she was calling out for me, but you better believe that I am counting it!!!!!!!!
2. She is sitting up--kind of. Let me explain-she will sit up independently if I am sitting around her. I am not touching her at all. If I try to get her to do it on her own-she will, but she is far more interested in laying down so that she can roll and rock to where she wants to go.
3. Getting into stuff she thinks she isn't supposed to have. If she is trying to get something and I help her get it--she immediately loses interest! But if she has to get it on her own or I act like I don't want her to have it, she will just play and play with it. Her favorites are her plastic hangers and my empty red plastic cup.
4. Drinking out of the side of my cup or the bottom of my straw. She thinks ice water is such a treat!! She also wants to taste whatever we are eating so if it is something I think she can swallow- I let her have little taste. Tonight it was ice cream--I know, not by the book, but whatever. I am going to start her on a sippee cup. I have been meaning to for over a month but just haven't gotten around to it.
That is all I can think of for now. She is so busy it is hard to keep track. I am so glad I have this blog to look at when she gets a little older or I am trying to record things in the baby book.

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