Monday, April 20, 2009


Well tonight I was putting lotion on Lilly and getting her ready for bed when she started saying, "DaDaDaDaDa" over and over and over again!!! Yay!! We LOVE dadadada!!!!! Daddy and Lilly at Aunt CiCi and Uncle Greg's house. We went over there tonight and had spaghetti with grandma Odie. Then, in an effort to wear Lilly out so she will sleep (please God let her sleep) tonight we walked around their property. Poor Lilly (and her parents) hasn't slept well in two worse than when we first brought her home from the hospital (stupid teething). Fingers crossed for tonight!
Yay! Since birth, any time the wind blows Lilly loses her breath. She breathes in really deep. It is adorable. Today, though, she thought it was hilarious everytime the wind blew. Belly laughing out loud! Who knew?
We checked out the ducks at Aunt CiCi and Uncle Greg's pond.
Lilly enjoyed the bird watching.
We also got to feed them dinner!
Lexi swimming in the pond.
Chipper hanging out. Lilly loves watching the big doggies too.
After we got back inside, Aunt CiCi and Lilly did some pilates/leg lifts. Ha! Lilly loves laying on her side these days. Tonight, Aunt CiCi taught her leg lifts....hilarious!! I am not sure whether or not Lilly will sleep all night, but I know Aunt CiCi will sleep good!!!

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Lindsay and Robert said...

Ok, the leg lifts are hysterical! She has great form. :) Any luck with sleep last night?!