Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grandma's Little Doll

"DeDe where are you??" Grandma DeDe got Lilly this shirt....it say's "Grandma's little doll". I put it on with the intention of posting "We miss you Grandma DeDe" (and we do), but I heard she might be coming for a little visit with Grandpa....YAY!
Lilly was soooo happy to hear the news!
Waving "hello"....she is saying come on up!
And now she is playing.
I haven't posted about our weekend, but really we didn't do much. We tried to be outside most of the weekend since the forecast called for rain all week. We went by and fed the ducks and catfish at Aunt CiCi and Uncle Greg's.
We went to church, brunch, and hung out in town all day Sunday. This is Matt and Lilly at Sam's.
Well....have a good day everybody!!!


The Malones said...

It is almost ridiculous how stinkin cute she is. Seriously. I'm not just biased b/c she is family. She is adorbale! Where did you guys go to church? How did she do?

Jennifer said...

Oh I know DeDe loved this post! Seriously, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out the catfish picture! haha! I have no idea why but I was really confused when I was looking at it! Have y'all picked a name yet for baby boy?