Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eventful Weekend

Well, a lot has happened this weekend. 1. Lilly had a sleepover at Aunt CiCi, Uncle Greg, and GG Odie's Friday night so Mommy and Daddy went on a date. 2. Teething Woes. 3. Our first ER visit (she is ok). 4. Some cute videos. So that is what this post will be about. Okay, so Friday night Lilly spent the night at Aunt CiCi's. It was a sanity saving night for me! Between trying to get unpacked, keep what is already clean clean, and clean what is messy, and deal with a child who is teething some teeth that refuse to break through I was leaning to the edge. THEN, Miss Priss learned to yell this week--not unhappy, not squealing, just yelling really loudly so I was pretty much on the brink due to the yelling and a bad night's sleep Thursday. So Friday night was a Godsend. Matt and I went to dinner and watched a movie and relaxed and slept. How did Lilly do??? She slept all fact, they had to make noise to wake her up at 8:30. WHAT??!!? GG Odie cooked breakfast for us in the morning and we got to clean and unpack while Lilly was still there. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! Thanks again guys.
Saturday, we ran some errands. Saturday night we ran into some teething woes. Lilly actually ran a fever and barely slept. She was up every hour. This must be them actually trying to break through the gum...for the love of God it MUST be them breaking through the gum!!! Sunday morning she started feeling better and fever was gone so we decided to grab some lunch since we were too exhausted from not sleeping to cook...and go to Wal-Mart.
(ER STORY) Lilly likes to ride in her stroller around Wal-Mart so she can see what is going on. So, we had her strapped in, but we took her out in order to feed her. When we put her back in, she was sitting up and playing with her toys. Well, since she usually has zero interest in sitting up, we decided to let her sit up and play and didn't strap her in. On the POSITIVE side, she sat up for forever and played. Anyway, so we finish our shopping trip and head to the checkout. I realize she has lost her paci somewhere so I ran to go get a new pack of pacifiers. Matt was unloading the cart onto the scanner and Lilly....well, Lilly was wiggling right out the bottom of her stroller!!! She slid out of the stroller right underneath the snack tray on the stroller onto the concrete Wal-Mart floor. Matt hears her crying, turns around and sees her on the floor! I come back to my baby crying. Well, neither one of us saw how she fell. Did she hit her head? Did she land on her butt? Is she okay?? A little bit of panic might have settled over both of us.
So, although we were 95% sure that she was fine because she only cried for a couple of minutes and then seemed to be in her normal good spirits, we decided it was better to be safe than sorry. We took her to her first ER visit. After three hours of waiting, the doctor took a look at her and said she seemed just fine. WHEW. Talk about a little scare. In the above picture, you can see her hospital bracelet on her ankle. Poor baby girl. Oh and after some discussion, we think she probably landed on her butt and then hit her head on the stroller...not good, but better than concrete. Yes, Matt and I feel like terrible need to reiterate that we should have been paying better attention or strapped her in to begin with.
These are some pictures of Lilly playing on the floor after we got home from our fun-filled ER visit.
What's up guys?
Don't worry-I am alright! Mom and Dad might still be a little traumatized, but I am doing okay.

(VIDEO above) This is just a video of Lilly playing on the floor.
(VIDEO above) The above video is of what I call the "bottle smack". For the longest time, Lilly has enjoyed hitting the bottle while she eats. She also waves to herself in this video (and the other video). She started doing this on Friday and hasn't stopped yet. She does it all the time. In the middle of playing, she just stops, waves to herself, smiles, and then goes back to playing. Hope you guys had a great weekend!

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The Malones said...

Yes, that was a very eventful weekend! Glad she is just fine! It was so good to see you guys, even though it was brief on Saturday. I hope some of those items work for Lilly and you like them. Have a great week!