Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Surprise Party

Saturday was my Grandma Odie's (Lilly's Great Grandma) birthday....I won't tell you how old, but if you were to guess 75........Anywho, my aunts threw her a surprise party! This is really a yawn, but I thought it would work for surprise too.
Grandpa Dennis was there. Lilly was really happy to see him and Grandma Oksana!! If you will note, Lilly is decked out in her party clothes. (c:
So good to see you!
This is their dog Lola...she was decked out in her party clothes too!!
The party girls--Lola, Lilly, and Zya. Lilly just wanted to get her hands on that fur!!!
Playing! There was so much going on and so many people around it was impossible to get her to look at the camera. I also wanted to get pictures of so many of the people there but my memory card was full! Shucks.
Surprise!!!! Ok, so I wasn't able to get the surprise face photo...but I will get a copy from one of my aunts and post it because she was shocked!! My aunt Cindy has a group of friends they call "the hoochies" and she had told Grandma that they were coming over to play games and Grandma said that she was coming in and going straight to her room!! Ha! She was so surprised and couldn't believe that we had all been able to keep it a secret. So, in honor of her birthday, here are a few things you should know about Lilly's Great Grandma Odie:
  • She is the BEST cook in the world.
  • She loves the Lord and her family more than anything else.
  • At age ____ (again, if you guessed 75.....), she can still work circles around anyone I know. For example, last Monday, she came with me to watch Lilly as I cleaned the place we moved from. Well, not only did she clean just as much as I did (and I was working hard!!) during the times when Lilly was playing on the floor or sleeping..when we got home at 7 at night (!), it was time for Lilly and I to eat. So, I am sitting on the floor feeding Lilly and myself and I think she is getting her purse out of the car...I look back and she is unloading the van!!! The woman is tireless.
  • When I was little, I was always welcome to stay with her and grandpa anytime...and now, she is always willing and thrilled to keep Lilly too!

Happy birthday Grandma Odie-----we LOVE you so much!!!


The Malones said...

What a sweet post!! It was a wonderful party, and you're right- she was completely surprised!!! Theresa & Cindy did a GREAT job!!!

lukeandlaurawoodard said...

That is the CUTEST outfit Lilly has on! I love it! I heard yall are having a BOY! Congrats!!!