Friday, August 5, 2011

The Cold Stuff

Okay--I have been blog slacking because I have two posts I want to do--one I am waiting on pictures from someone else and the other I need to take two pictures to be able to do...Sooooo I decided it was time to get some pictures of the kids up anyway before the grandparents get upset! Since it is un-bear-a-bly HOT outside, I thought I would post about something cold. Actually...several cold things: snow cones, custard, and frozen yogurt. We have been hitting up a variety of cold treat places all summer long! We love a sno-cone (this picture is at a sno-cone place).

We hit these up earlier in the summer and we ALL love sno-cones. Ice and sno-cones are what got me through two summer pregnancies!

Unfortunately at this point in the year, ALL of the sno-cone places are infested with bees. Seriously--I am talking at least 100 bees per place. One night we went to 4 different ones and they were all being swarmed so we had to switch plans.

Lilly only wants "pink" flavors. She doesn't even care what the flavor is as long as it is in the color pink. (You will see more of that in a post that is coming soon regarding a build-a-bear. Teaser alert. Ha!!)

Sharing some sno-cone deliciousness!

Matt's favorite is frozen custard. We have a place around here that does a chocolate-peanut-butter-thing that he LOVES.

And then, our most recent addiction...the frozen yogurt. We went from having zero frozen yogurt places in our area to at least four! I am not complaining. We go to at least one at least once a week!

We like to eat some yogurt.

We like to meet our friends! On Mondays they have "Mom and Toddler day" and you get 5 free ounces so it is a great day to meet with friends for a cold treat!

They have a great toddler area a couch and kid-size furniture and a TV with cartoons playing--Reid likes to make himself comfortable. (:

Dora must be on??

Ha! This is when I zoomed out.

More sweet friends! We love fro-yo day! It is almost too hot to even get out for frozen yogurt...

almost! (That would be cheesecake frozen yogurt with crushed graham cracker, strawberries, coconut, and chocolate sauce--aka--perfection.)

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Courtney said...

I am so sad that our sno-cone place closed down last year. I have been hitting up the DQ for pineapple shakes. I may have to go after dinner for a little sweet treat. Try to stay cool!