Monday, August 8, 2011


Once every couple of weeks I like to look back at unblogged pictures that are somewhat random and group them into a post...hence, this post:
Lilly and Reid got into the baby powder in the bathroom the other day. They were both covered. Lilly blamed it on "Bubby" but she had the bottle in her hand. They smelled like baby powder for days. It took at least two baths. Honestly, I was really too busy laughing to get onto them. Maybe not the best parenting...but sometimes, it is the only way to go.
This is how Reid wanted to leave the house for FNO the other night. Notice the pink hello kitty rainboots. Ha! We let him wear them on the way but then we compromised and changed him into his red swim shoes. I don't know what it is about this sweet boy but he wants to make a statement with his shoes!!! I love it.
I had to take this picture of him with my phone the other day. This is him just relaxing watching TV. Monkey rain boots-check. Yo Gabba Gabba shirt half up and belly hanging out-check. Diaper wedgie-check. Cutest little thing-check, check!
Lilly and Reid have been really into playing with footballs lately. Honestly, I am pretty sure Matt has been praying for this to happen. Ha!! He just wants to be able to watch a football game with his kids this season! Anyway, Lilly was carrying around this football (and her pink Minnie Mouse one) all day and then she watched a show with it.
These two LOVE to take baths. Well they splash to Heaven and back and make a big mess so I always keep a towel near. It was a good idea until they pulled the towel itself in the bath. Keeping me on my toes!
Lilly and Reid like to attempt to roll (somersault?) a lot. A lot of the times they just stay in the position I refer to as downward-facing-dog (yoga, anyone?). Ha.
Whenever it is time to vacuum, BOTH Lilly and Reid run into the playroom and grab their vacuums. They love to help vacuum.
Lilly has this princess baby center thing with a crib, swing, bath, etc. When you lay a baby doll down in the crib, it says, "Somebody is getting sleepy" along with a few other phrases. It started doing this randomly right before bed when we were all out of the room so we brought it into the living room so it wouldn't wake up the kids in the middle of the night. Reid considered it his personal chair to hang out in.
He had his snack and watched TV in it. Such a silly boy!
A couple of weeks ago Reid wasn't feeling very well and all he would eat was shredded cheese. BUT he LOVED shredded cheese.

He ate a whole bag of cheese that day. He ended up having some little something and the dr said to let him eat whatever he wanted to eat. (At this point...he had given up the shredded cheese too.) His dinner of choice? Mini reeces peanut butter cups.
He is better now!
Lilly's favorite food is still pizza!
If you ask her where she wants to eat, you can pretty much bet money that she will say Sam's. We run into everyone we know at Sam's so we can't be the only ones enjoying cheap pizza!
Lilly has discovered the joy of giving Tank baths. She is really helpful. She pours the water over him...and herself--note that her shirt is off and her pants are soaked. It is a good thing she dries both Tank and herself off. (c;

There is never a dull moment with Lilly and Reid and we just love it!


Todd and Courtney said...

my favorite is the baby powder. That's hilarious. Lauren will also eat shredded cheese for a meal. I think that's her lunch at least once a week. It's wild.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a special anniversary!! They are too cute with the baby powder.