Friday, August 26, 2011

Darwells, Hokey Pokey, and We Made It!

On our way to the beach, we plan our route so that we can go by our favorite restaurant--Darwell's. We saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and went last year when we went to Biloxi. To. Die. For!! Or at least worth taking a minor detour to eat at! We stopped and had lunch and it did not disappoint. Their (cream sauce) crawfish etoufee is unbelievable. After we ate we went outside so the kids could run around before we finished the last two hours of the drive.

They have a stage out there and the kids decided to perform for us.

They put their right arms in...

They took their right arms out...

Instead of turning-herself-about Lilly clapped from her seat. Ha!

They are putting their heads in. I LOVE how Reid puts his head in!! Sometimes we do the hokey pokey just so I can see it!

Ta Da! We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the show!

Then we made it to the condo, took our stuff to the room, and hit the beach!!

The kids hit the beach but they just weren't too sure about the "wabes". They loved the sand, though. We hit the pool too but I was enjoying being at the beach and pool and forgot to take any more pictures. Don't worry...we ended up getting plenty on the trip. I am overwhelmed by the number of pictures.

Matt and Bert played some catch--Matt was a happy man!

That night we had dinner at the Hangout and called it a night early. Reid had woke up at 5:30 am (he was in the room with Mike and DeDe...we slept until 7:00 am in our room. Hehehe) and neither child napped more than 30 minutes either day traveling in the car. We needed it!


Courtney said...

The kids were so cute doing the hokey pokey. They look very happy to be playing in the sand.

The Coleman Family said...

Congrats on the news of the new neice or nephew. That is so exciting and fun how they surprised everyone! I saw Reid's life jacket in the picture above. Does he do well with that one? I just got it for the kids when we go to Florida but didn't know if it was not enough support for them yet with them still just getting used to the water.