Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Testimony Tuesday

Let me start by apologizing for not having Testimony Tuesday last week. I had great intentions of writing it at the beach, but when I went to write it I couldn't figure out how to get our computer to hook up to the wireless in the condo and then I just went back to the beach. First World Problem...I know.

So, as I mentioned earlier, we went to the beach last week. I took my bible and my prayer box and had good intentions of spending daily time in the word while I was gone...

but I didn't. Typically, I listen to praise and worship music while I get ready and when I am in the car. I pray all throughout the day when I think of something or somebody, when I pass an ambulance, before my "quiet time", etc. And I always have my time in the word when the kids nap. I did none of this last week. For 9 days. None. of. it! Oh and we missed two Sundays at church. So I think I am taking the long way around saying....I pretty much spent no time with Jesus for 9 days.

Testimony Tuesday is meant to share with you what I am learning in my walk with God weekly so let me just tell you what he taught me this week... I NEED HIM!!!

By the time I got to my quiet time yesterday-I was a wreck. I was shocked at how irritable I had become, how harsh my tone with my children (and hubby might say with him) was getting, and just how frazzled I was feeling. Sometimes I like to think I am good person and I have things under control and then I spend a measly 9 days out of the word and I turn into a crab!

As I was praying to start my quiet time yesterday, I just felt His peace come and rest on me--like he was telling me, "This is why you are feeling like this! You have missed this time with me!" Earlier this year I did the bible study, "Becoming More Than Just A Good Bible Study Girl" by Lysa Terkeurst and in there she talks about the importance of daily time in 'The Word' and she explains that it is necessary because only God knows what lies ahead, and if you give Him that time with you daily, He can prepare you for what is coming. If you don't, then you are just out there unprepared. And folks, I needed to be prepared by Him for the vacation detox that we are ALL going through right now! Ha!!

I think I have figured out the McLinky thing...last week I put it and then accidentally deleted it. (:


joelsgirl said...

I love you. This post made me glad I'm not the only one who neglects time in the word and finds herself becoming this terrible mean person. I'm always like, "What's WRONG with me??" and then I remember that one dose of Jesus isn't enough; I need daily doses, multiple times a day! Thanks for your testimony.

The Coleman Family said...

LOVE this idea! Thanks for doing this! I am going to link up and start too. Hope you had a great vacation!