Thursday, August 25, 2011

KDO Open House

Today was open house day for Kid's Day Out. This year I am with 3 1/2-5 year olds so both Lilly and Reid are not in my class. I am really excited about this year and think all three of us are going to love it! I had to quickly take Lilly and Reid to their classrooms when there weren't any families in our room so I didn't get to take any photos of them with their teachers or in their classrooms yet.

Lilly's room was tons of fun. They had all kinds of stuff out for the 5 senses like a birds nest and magnifying glasses, things to smell, and they did a craft with several different textures like a pipe cleaner, cotton ball, crinkled paper, etc. SO FUN. She didn't want to leave. (: In the lobby they had fun stuff for all of the kids to do including finger-print crayons, hop scotch, a parachute, and play-doh.

Lilly LOVES doing all things handprint...and I LOVE keeping all things handprint so this is perfect!

She is concentrating!

The finished project!

Reid's room we were only in for like a minute but they had a tote with popcorn kernels and plastic animals out and the kids were loving it! They also had other things set up around the room but we didn't get to them. I did show him where his special spot was with his name tag.

Reid was in line right behind Lilly for the handprint. Monkey see, monkey do! (:

He always pays close attention when we are doing crafts. He looks so serious.

They didn't paint the thumb. They are supposed to look like crayons in crayon box. That was the theme in the entry way--crayons. Cute!

After open house, I had a few things to do to clean up and get ready for the official start of KDO. My kids were WONDERFUL!! They just sat at the table quietly playing with play-doh. I was so proud!! Most of the time they run around the church like they own the place and everything in I am convinced this was from God! Ha!

Can't believe she is going to be 3 soon!

Reid really enjoyed playing with the lids! Go figure?? They called it "Tay-toe" (Play-doh).

This guy is turning 2 on Sunday. It is going by so fast!!

They also took a family photo. Lilly wanted to be on the side with the pink crayon.

As we were cleaning and about to leave, Lilly had some play-doh stuck to her finger and decided to put it in her mouth. She thought it was so gross (because it probably is) and I tried to get it out of her mouth but she had part of it stuck in her teeth. I told her we would have to go home and brush her teeth to get it all out. She road the entire way home with her mouth open. It was so funny. LOVE this silly girl!!!

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Anonymous said...

Is it sort of like Mother's Morning out? How fun! Hope Reid has a very Happy Birthday!!