Monday, August 29, 2011

Reid's Birthday Happenings

Yesterday my little (big) man turned two. We started our day by getting up and getting ready for church. The kids played in the bath while we got ready and then we got them ready. Every time I would say/sing Happy Birthday Reid would respond by saying, "Nooooo." Then I would ask him how old he was and after some practice he would say two and hold up one finger. Ha! We are still working on it but we have a whole year! We went to church and Reid was a happy guy! Several sweet friends told him "Happy birthday" but he would get shy and hide behind my leg. I have a feeling he is going to like his daddy and like to stay out of the proverbial "spot light".

We asked him what he wanted for lunch and to no surprise he requested "gil cheese" so we went to Firehouse.

They have a big rack of chips so you can pick your own flavor and the kids love that. They checked out all of the types and then they both picked their tried-and-true Cheetos.

With the kids meals they give these plastic firefighter hats. The kids had a blast playing with them.

We ALL got to wear them for a little while.

It was pretty much nap time and Reid was starting to get a little fussy and he was being so funny. They each had the EXACT SAME hat but he wanted which ever one Lilly picked up first. She was really sweet and just let him have whichever one that was at the time but we knew we were headed on a downhill slide so we went home and the kids napped.

While Reid was sleeping we wrapped his presents and had them all set up for when he woke up. Also, DeDe showed up while he was napping,too so he had another surprise waiting for him!

I found a card (at Wal-Mart) where Elmo is playing baseball and if you push the baseball Elmo sings "Happy Birthday to You". I think he liked it more than any of the presents.

He didn't even put it down to open his gifts.

He got some bath toys. We needed new ones.

Noticing it is something to do with Diego (Dora the Explorer's cousin for those of you that aren't up to date on your kid shows...and might I suggest you get with the program. Ha!)

It's Rescue Pack (a singing/talking very cool rescue pack at that)!! With baby Jaguar! This little find was a gift from God! We found it on the clearance shelf at Wal-Mart marked at $21 and then we got to the checkout it was only $11!

And a Diego movie too!

Checking out the loot. However while Reid was happily unwrapping his presents Lilly was doing this...

I tried to tell her that in 10 days she was going to have her very own special day with some special presents but she just didn't understand.

Fortunately Reid lost interest in opening his last present so she got to open it for him.

DeDe took pity on her and went ahead and let her open her birthday present that she had brought for us to save for her actual birthday. She was excited!

A Dora doll!!

And a Boots doll! She was so happy! When I put her down for a nap today she was in her crib saying, "Oh Dora you have a shoo-ee diaper. Let's change you!" I ended up having to go in her room and take both Dora and Boots out of her crib so she would go to sleep. Ha!

After we opened presents we met our friends The Hales and Jenna and her family at Abuelos for some yummy Mexican food.

After we ate I (along with Jenna, Becky, and DeDe) left to go to Girl's Night Out at the church to see Mandisa and Anita Renfroe. I hated to leave my sweet baby boy ON his birthday but Matt assured me that they would have fun and that I should go since it was a rare event.

Matt, Brent, and Chris took all the kids to Chuck E Cheese (can I get a Whoop Whoop for the Dads??) and then to TCBY.

As we were leaving GNO Matt text me this picture. After they got home, bathed, and in PJs Reid found the cupcakes! Ha! LOVE it!

We are having a combined birthday for him and Lilly in a couple of weeks so the birthday fun isn't over just yet but I think he had a pretty good day! So thankful for 2 years with that sweet boy!

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Courtney said...

It looks like he had such a wonderful day. That picture of Lilly is priceless, she will love you someday for taking that one.