Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Full of Surprises!!

Well this post is from the weekend of July 22nd-24th. On July 22nd, we made a secret trip to Benton so that we could surprise Matt's dad and at dinner for his birthday. We got to dinner and met Bert and Becca in the parking lot and walked in together and completely surprised him. We went to take a group photo and as we were taking pictures Bert said, "Oh, and by the way, Becca's pregnant!!" (They did this so that they would have pictures of our reactions.) We are SO EXCITED for them. I am beyond excited about a new little nephew or niece for me and Matt and another sweet cousin for Lilly and Reid!! They are the best aunt and uncle and are going to make the best parents too!

We were in a nice restaurant but we couldn't help but squeal with excitement! I am adding a couple of the other "reaction" photos from when they told her dad and her mom because I just think that is the cutest idea!

Surprise! Her brother already knew...that is why he is just big smiling.

And her mom. LOVE this one!

We had also come in town to do a surprise party for Matt's MamMa. Us, Bert, Becca, Matt's Aunt Kay, Jennifer, Jasen, Colt, and Eli all headed over with a cake to party!

MamMa was so surprised and just kept crying and talking about how she loved all of us!

She had lots of help blowing out the candles! She is pretty loved, too, you know!

Lilly enjoyed having sharing some cake with her too. MamMa was so excited when Bert and Becca told her about being pregnant!

After we surprised MamMa, we went to Granddaddy and Eutha's so that Bert and Becca could surprise him with their news. He, too, was sooo excited!! He is always asking for more grandkids!

Becca went to the doctor for the first time this week and got to see that sweet baby. She is due March 28th and we can not wait. Please join me in praying for a healthy baby.

Oh, and while we were there we went to a hibachi grill. Neither Reid nor Lilly were too crazy about the fire at our grill but thought it was neat at the other tables. Reid also surprised me by loving the soup! There you have it--our super fun weekend full of surprises!

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Courtney said...

That is so cool how they decided to surprise everyone. Have a great weekend.

BTW- I wanted to let you know that I was baptized to weekends ago. Thanks for your kind words.