Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shoutout to Vicksburg, MS

On the road to the beach we stopped for the night in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Let me just be honest and say I had no high hopes of awesome-ness...I was really just hoping that they had something Chuck E Cheese-ish to let the kids burn some energy off after being in the car for so long. BUT the town surpassed all of my hopes with their riverfront play area and fountains. AWESOME!! That behind the children is only part of the play area. It is huge and so nice and so much fun!!

Lilly loved these (really really cool) chair swings.

I would've tried them out but the kids were hogging them. (c;

Playing peek-a-boo through the tunnel.

Spinning the wheel of balls. He is topless because of the fountains. In case you were curious.

Rocking his red swim shoes. LOVE it!

Funny story. There was this (adorable) little boy that kept wanting me to take his picture. You know because I had my camera out taking pictures of my kids like the paparazzi on Grammy night. Anyway, I would take his picture and then he would want to look at it and then we would talk about how good the picture was together. So cute!

They also had these fountains. Kind of like a splash pad but they are always spraying.

At first the kids didn't want to play in them at all so we just went to the playground but on our way back to the car they decided to check it out.

Lilly had just barely stuck the tip of her finger in the water! She was proud of her braveness.

Checking it out together...

Ohhh, it is good!

Sneaking up on the water...

Reaching out to grab it...

Got it!!!


Lilly liked to touch one and then turn and run to the other one.

Watching the fountains and probably the other kids in the fountain.

Okay the corner "sprayers" (?) came out with pressure more like a fire hose than a water hose. Lilly liked to press it down like she is in this picture. One time Reid was standing right in front of the sprayer and she moved her hand and he got it FULL FORCE straight in the middle of his face!!! It didn't hurt him but it surprised him for sure! I just sat there staring at him waiting for his reaction and I think he was looking at me for the same thing. He shook it off and went back to playing.

We had a blast and ate at a really good restaurant there too. Vicksburg, MS...who knew?? Can't wait to go back next year!! We may have to stop on the way home next year, too, because the ride home was L.O.N.G...loooonnnng!!

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Anonymous said...

When we went across country recently to Austin and San Antonio we went through there! How cool! I hope you all have have a great summer! I am sad to see it end, but also excited for cooler weather and a normal routine.