Thursday, August 11, 2011


Most of you know we are part of a WONDERFUL playgroup. Here are a couple of pictures of our latest one. Handsome! Rocking away.

Beautiful! Rocking away. They have taken the bottom cushion off of the chair. You literally could not walk into either room on this particular day...stuff everywhere! That is what happens when you have to be inside and it was totally worth it just for the kids to get to play with some friends and burn off some of that energy!

Sweet Emerson! LOVE her and her hair!

Sweet Jillian. Love her facial expression.

Hannah, Stella, (and Brody) playing some background music.

Xander is sweeping and Brody is vacuuming. Those mommas are raising their boys right! Ha!


Cilla. Look at that sweet smile!

Brayden shooting some hoops.

Kassidy and Molly Cate. Kassidy is Molly Cate's cousin and she was visiting so she got to come hang out too. She may never have kids. Ha! Just kidding. All of these kiddos are great! We love our playgroup!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a fun playgroup! The kids are all adorable!

Dreamin' Daisies said...

Ohhhhh, I fear that you have made a new best friend for life! This may have elevated your "famous" status to even greater than Mrs. Jennifer's. :)

So thankful for playgroup!