Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Reid!!

Oh my soul I have been going through pictures for your birthday post and I am just trying to figure out where the time went and how you grew so fast! It is funny--it seems like I just had you yesterday and at the same time it feels like you have been in our lives forever! Reid your daddy and I just delight in you!! There isn't a day that has passed these past two years where we haven't thanked God for the opportunity to be your parents! (And there won't be a day that passes in the future where we don't do the same.)

This is you on the morning of your 1st birthday last year. I can't tell you the number of times this year as I was (am) planning your birthday party that I was trying to plan another first birthday party...then I would remember that we already did that and you are turning 2. So if today I hug you a little too tight and kiss you a little too much, bear with me--you growing so fast is hard on this Mommy.

(September picture) Don't get me wrong--I love seeing all the things you are CONSTANTLY learning. Each new phase you enter is so much fun. For example you are in a phase right now where you just spontaneously kiss me and say, "I lub you!" and I would not trade the world for it! I am just glad you aren't old enough to know that you could ask (and get) anything you want when you love on Mommy.

(October) Hmmmm...some of the things you are up to wear 3t (already) and wear either a size 7 or a size 8 shoe depending on the brand. You have a wide foot so it depends mostly on the width. You wear a size 5 diaper. You can wear a size 4 but they can be a little snug. You weigh more than your sister and are nearly as tall. I get asked multiple times daily if you guys are twins. And, for the next ten days, you are both 2!

(Halloween) You talk a fact, I don't know of anything you can't say. You speak in full sentences and can carry on a conversation. You can thank your sister for that because you say everything exactly the same way she does so you must have learned it from her.

(November 2010) I made you a zoo book of the animals from our zoo trip and you love to read it. You help read it too. You either finish the sentence or repeat every word.

You love to read all books. You also love to watch Dora, Diego, and Blues Clues ("Boos Coos"). (December 2010) You love flashy shoes. Plain shoes just irritate you. They need to light up, make noise, or be a bright color. You love your red swim shoes, your rain boots, and your new blue crocs. I also got you some bright green dinosaur/monster feet house shoes and you wore them all around the house the other day even though it was 100 degrees outside.

(January 2011) Your favorite food right now is grilled cheese, or "gil cheese" as you call it. One Saturday morning a few weeks ago you wanted grilled cheese and we were out of both bread and cheese (from a week full of grilled cheese for lunch for you) but you just kept saying, "I want gil cheese Mommy, Please, I want gil cheese Daddy." Then you would whine a little bit and ask again. We tried offering you other food and you would say, "No-gil cheese!" We ended up breaking down and driving to Sonic because they are the only place that serves grilled cheese for breakfast and you ate two! Ha.

(February 2011) You are so laid back but when you decide to take a stand on something--there is NO swaying you. I know this is one day going to be a quality that the Lord will use for mighty things but some days it is down right exhausting with the strong will of a toddler! Ha! I wouldn't change it though. (;

(March 2011) Okay I have to pause and mention that in March you still looked like my April you look like a little boy...that is when it happened.

(April 2011) You LOVE sweets. "Chaw-cut" (chocolate), pancakes (which is both pancakes and cupcakes), and reeces (the mini ones) are your favorites.

(KDO Picture May 2011) We love every little thing that makes you "you" including your sweet voice, the way you pronounce certain words, the way you walk with your back straight and your belly sticking out, the cute way you run & that you run full speed everywhere, your laugh, your smile, your perfect mix of all boy and sweetness, when you go "tucka-tucka-tucka-tucka-tucka"

randomly (this is just some sound that you have made since you could first say sounds that you still do every once in a while), and there are so many more...but we LOVE them all. (May 2011) You are so playful! You have a great arm and you love to throw things! You adore your sister and she adores you. Whoever gets up first wants to open the door to the room where the other one is still in bed. And then you get so excited to see each other. Yesterday morning Lilly opened your door and said, "Bubby!! You're my best friend!!" She adores you too.

(June 2011) You love to jump! You love to tackle Mommy and Daddy when we sit on the floor. If we lay down you say, "Wake up!" and giggle. There is no resting. When you like something you want to do it again and again and again. At the pool you were playing a game with Uncle Bert and you would say, "Go down Bert!" and he would go under the water. We have been home a week and you are still randomly yelling "Go down Bert!" Ha! Daddy was spinning you in circles in the cart at wal-mart today and you just wanted him to keep going. Bottom line--you are just a super fun kid!

(July 2011) We still rock, read a book, and say a prayer at bed time. You fold your hands together and continually say "A-men!!" when you are ready for the prayer to be over...if I don't pray fast with you I can count on a steady stream of "A-men"'s. Then I turn on your monitor, lay you down, cover you up with your red razorback blanket, put Puppy on one side, and wind up your musical giraffe and lay him on the other side, give you a big kiss and tell you goodnight and that I love you and lay you down. You rarely ever fight bed time. In fact, sometimes we go to rock and you say, "I wanna go bed." Like last night I was thinking this is my last time to rock you as a one-year old and then you didn't want to be rocked. That is okay because Lord willing I will have a whole year to rock you as a two-year old!

(August 2011) Reid Scott we are just so proud of you and are so proud to be called your Mommy and Daddy! We just can't wait to see what this next year will hold for you and us as a family. We love you *this much* (arms stretched out) and more!! Love, Mommy and Daddy.


Cori said...

So sweet! I'm dreading this same day in 2 months.... I'm just not ready to be the Mommy of a big 2 year old.

The Coleman Family said...

That last picture of Reid is just precious! HE is looking like a 2 year old and a handsome one at that! Happy Birthday Reid!

The Bostians said...

Such a precious boy!! Happy Birthday Reid!!!

Jenna said...

Happy birthday cutie pie Reid! We are blessed to know you!