Friday, August 12, 2011

No Paci!

Almost 2 weeks ago we decided it was time for Lilly to give up the paci (pacifier) at night. She has only had it at bedtime for a while now...and to be quite honest I was perfectly fine with her taking it to college...but we noticed it was starting to move her teeth. So we talked to her about it and said if she would give it up she could get a special prize. That first night she did amazing. Nap time was a little bit tougher but she ended up napping with no major ordeal. (It was hard on this mommy though.) So that evening we took Lilly and Reid to go get some frozen yogurt. She loves her some fro-yo.

Bubby had some too. Surprisingly, he really only eats a couple bites and then moves on.

After that we went to build-a-bear. Lilly had talked about getting a pink bear the whole way there. She went right in and grabbed the pink bear. Then she tried to hand every other paying customer a pink bear too. Ha! My camera died right after this picture. Sigh. She picked out 10 hearts to put in the bear and the lady was sweet and was going to let her put them all in but I was able to convince her to just pick one special heart for her bear. She also picked out pink pajamas and named the bear "Pink" is the kicker, though...Lilly insists that the bear is a "he". HA!

Reid got to make an animal too. He picked out a puppy dog. He was so sweet with the heart. He rubbed it in his hands and kissed it before he put it in. As soon as she stuffed it and handed it to him, he gave it a big hug and said, "I lub (love) it!" He picked out some cars pajamas for him and named him "Puppy". Once we got him dressed Reid said, "I lub it, I lub it, I lub it!" SO SWEET. Lilly kept saying that Pink was "wonderful". They were cracking us up! Oh, and just FYI--we had nothing to do with their naming of the animals...we simply asked, "What is your bear's (or puppy's) name?" and they answered...and the names haven't changed!

Build-a-Bear is at an outdoor mall here that has a fountain and we always have to go see the fountain when we go there. They love to put their feet in. Yes, we are those people. (:

It was hot outside.

They also had mist-things going. Lilly was trying to work up the courage to test them out.

LOVE this sweet girl. I can't believe she is getting to be so big!!!

Reid loved the mist-ers (?). He somehow managed to get soaking wet.

That might give some insight into how...

It has been almost 2 weeks and she is doing AWESOME. She loves Pink and wants to take her everywhere. Night two was rough and night three was the worst. On the morning of day 4 I was rocking her and we were talking and we had the following conversation:

Lilly: Mommy I want my paci.

Me: We don't have our paci anymore, remember?

Lilly: Yes, it moves my teeth.

Me: That's right!

Lilly: I can have it back after we fix it? (it being her teeth moving)
Me: Oh is always going to move your teeth. Plus, you are getting to be kind of a big girl

Lilly: (interrupting me) And pacis are for babies.

Me: Kind of.

Lilly: OK.

She hasn't asked for it one time since then. I guess she just needed to talk it out.

I am so proud of her!! You guys just don't understand--I would here her sucking on her paci in the middle of the night. She had it to sleep with since she was 3 days old and she was just such a champion giving it up. Even though it was hard. SO PROUD!

I can't believe how fast my sweet baby girl is growing!

I am so thankful I get to be her Mommy! We have other "big girl" news but I just can't bear to talk about anything else pertaining to her growing up right now...I am on the verge of a meltdown as is so I will save it for another day. (:


Cori said...

WAY TO GO, LILLY!!! Can you come give Katie a big girl talk?!?!

Courtney said...

Logan and Madison both did great getting rid of the paci. Logan threw his down into a fountain in an office building and no one could get it so we just told him it was gone. I broke Madison this summer during her week with me. i just told her no more paci and she was fine.
Build a bear is so much fun, it looks like Reid got the same dog that Logan got last year. His dogs name is Sid.