Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Airplanes & Sidewalk Paint

Tuesday after bible study we joined some friends for lunch at the airport cafe where we ate lunch and watched the planes take off. 
 It was nice outside (a little windy but still beautiful) so we sat outside. 
 The kids loved watching the planes take off!  (I think it is fun, too, but shhhhh--it is all for the kids.  ; )
 As you can tell the kids were too busy watching the planes for me to get a photo of their faces. 
 "A plane!!!"
 Okay so it may be really hard to see it in this picture--but Lilly fell and hit her eye on the corner of something in her room.  She has a a mark and a bruised eyelid.  It looked bad immediately--it was one of those times where I was freaking out but couldn't let her know I was freaking out so my voice went up a few octaves.  It really didn't phase her too bad but it looks pitiful. 
 Today we went outside to play with some sidewalk chalk and some sidewalk paint. 
 Reid painted and painted with the roller! 
 And as some point he sat in some paint.  He had paint all over him. 
 After he painted he wanted to sweep.  I had taken the broom outside to sweep off the porch and he wanted to help too.
 My beautiful girl! 
 Our whole driveway looks like this.  (:  I am sure all of our neighbors love it.  Ha!  I have really enjoyed just spending some fun time with the kids this week! 
Also my niece turned one week old today!!  Also friends that know Bert and Becca--they have a blog here!!  I am loving seeing all of the sweet pictures of her--still can't wait to hold her!! 

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