Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tea Party

Thursday morning I got the idea to do a tea party for Lilly.  I had been wanting to get together with a couple of friends that had girls and it just sounded like a fun way to end spring break.  Thankfully our friends were able to get together on short notice!  So while we were out shopping for baby shower stuff Thursday afternoon I just picked up some stuff for the tea party as well.  Lilly was SO excited. And if I am being honest--I had so much fun planning it and was pretty excited about it as well!! 
 When they woke up Friday morning I already had everything set up (minus the food) but we still had about 30 minutes before all of our friends would be here so I kept them in my room.  I didn't want them to see it until it was completely set up!  (BTW--this is my new favorite picture.)
 Of course since it was tea party--we had to put on our fancy clothes!!
 Rocking. That. Tie!!!
 The setup...

 The spread...It looks like this took a lot of time and effort but it was really pretty simple to put together. 
 Make your own mini fruit pizzas.  I just did the break-and-bake sugar cookies, fruit dip, and fruit! 
 Biscuits and jelly, cheese biscuits, and bacon.
Yogurt Parfait bar.  Yogurt, granola, strawberries, and blueberries.  I got the parfait cups at the dollar store. 
 Place setting.  I got felt squares at hobby lobby for the placemat--they worked perfectly!  Each seat had flowers, a gem-shaped ring pop, bracelets, a name plate, sticker earrings, and a hat and boa.  Oh, and tea cup.
 I made Reid's as manly as possible but I didn't want him to feel left out.  So he got a blue cup, blue and green bracelets, and a blue ring pop...
oh and a cowboy hat.  (:

The guests:
 Lilly.  She was so excited (I know you can't tell in this picture) and she LOVED the tea party.  She was the whole reason I planned it so I am glad that she had so much fun.  I love planning fun days for her!
 And don't feel bad for Reid--he has asked about another tea party at least 100 times since this one.  He had a blast.  I am working on a boy play day too. 
And Cilla! 
 We just served iced sweet tea.  I bought decaf tea but somehow it didn't make it out of Wal-Mart so these were fully caffeinated!  Stella liked the tea! 
 So did Lilly. 
Reid drank the most tea.  I think he drank 10 cups. 
 Laci was so funny.  She took a big drink and we said, "Laci is it good??"  And she shook her head no.  She was not a fan. 
Cilla would only barely taste it with the tip of her tongue.  (:
 After tea and breakfast the girls played dress up.  We had a cheerleader,
 a diva.  Ha!  At one point all of the girls came out wearing different shirts from Lilly's closet. 
Laci has a little brother Luke that is about a month old.  Reid was SOOOO sweet with him.  It just melted my heart watching him be so sweet with him.  He would just gently pat his belly and try to hand him toys.  At one point I was holding Luke and Reid was patting his back and he said, "He wants his Mommy."  And I said, "I think he is okay."  And he repeated, "I think he wants his Mommy."  And I didn't move and he said, "Mommy, I want you!"  It was precious.  So I handed Luke to his mommy and Reid laid on me and snuggled me and had me just rub his back. 

I am so thankful for this sweet and fun time with Lilly and Reid and our friends and I just love making these memories with the kids!  It was the perfect way to end spring break!!


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness they look so adorable all dressed up! What a wonderful mommy!

Lindsay and Robert said...

I love this!! What special memories!

Anonymous said...

That looked like such a cute tea party! What a fun way to get together with friends and celebrate spring break!

The Bostians said...

LOVE this!! They are too cute and you are too fun!