Monday, March 19, 2012

Little of This, Little of That

One day last week I was feeling really discouraged.  Lately I just haven't been able to keep up with everything and I was just having one of those overwhelmed-I-just-can't-do-it-all days and so during my quiet time while I was praying I just said, "Lord I am so discouraged today!"  Of course--you know I am chatty--so I told Him every little detail of what I was feeling.  Ha!  Anyway, as soon as I was done praying I went to grab my bible and on the table beside it was this scripture card...

 "Don't be afriad, for I am with you.  DON"T BE DISCOURAGED, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you.  I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.  Isaiah 41:10" I just love how God encourages you and gives you exactly what you need when you need it! 
 Thursday night we finally got to hang out with the Trumbos!!!  Yay!!!  We had planned on going over there twice before but both times someone ended up sick and we couldn't go!  Trenton was so sweet.  Lilly poured my water out while we were outside and Trenton ran inside and filled up a sippy cup of water for me. 
 Little Trevor.  Love that hair and those big blue eyes!  He was also pretty cute counting to three before he went down the slide.  It was more like, "One. Two.  Threeeeeeee." 
 I have no idea what Lilly has all over her face.
 This was as close to "cheese" as Reid would get.  Ha!  Also I think both of my kids are without pants in this picture.  I never thought I would have to teach my kids that they need to leave their pants on at friends' houses.  It turns out that is not innate.   
 Matt with sweet Hayes!  I may have blinded Matt with the flash in this picture. 

Friday night was FNO so we went to dinner with the Kaundarts.  We had so much fun hanging out with them, eating yummy mexican food, and talking.  Of course I didn't get a picture. 
 Saturday was our first Saturday in months where we had zero plans.  It was glorious.  The kids colored and we went to the park.  Lilly kept asking to paint all day finally we painted.

 I took Lilly and Reid's picture and then Lilly said, "Mommy you forgot to get Daddy's picture!"  (:  So here is my handsome man!! 

Sunday I woke up with the stomach bug.  I now realize that I am never thankful enough for good health.  That was a horrible 24 hours.  Fortunately I woke up much better today!  Unfortunately Matt woke up with it today. 
 Let me explain this picture.  In her hand is a chicken strip and she is smiling with her chicken strip.  This may not seem like a big deal to anyone else but my kids won't eat chicken strips.  They will eat chicken nuggets.  Or popcorn chicken.  But for whatever reason...they will not touch a chicken strip.  UNTIL tonight.  Now I know that a chicken strip isn't healthy and it isn't like she is holding a piece of brocoli BUT this is the second new food that she has tried AND liked in the past month.  That gives me so much hope!!
 And because Lilly ate a chicken strip...Reid ate a chicken strip.  This is proof that the Lord answers even the most insignificant prayers!  Ha! 
 I was trying to keep the kids entertained tonight so that Matt could rest so I broke out the Memory Game for the first time ever!  I bought this when Lilly was a baby and have been secretely waiting to play it ever since.  We call it "Match" and she LOVED it. 
And she was pretty good at it too!  There really was no taking turns, though--she was just excited to find a match no matter whose turn it was.  And Reid just wanted to flip over cards.  I am so excited that we may be entering game playing age!!!!!!

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