Saturday, March 24, 2012

Little of this, A lot of Cute

Well we have thoroughly enjoyed our spring break.  We have done a couple of cute things that will have their own posts this week (tea party and baby shower). 
Thursday morning Jillian and Brody and Brayden and Brody came over so us moms could work out some baby shower details and the kids could play, play, play.  Lilly dressed herself--I wish I would have caught the full glory of her pink Hello Kitty rainboots that she is wearing too.  Sigh.  I just LOVE that girl and the outfits she picks out. 
 The boys had fun playing together. 
It was so funny I was trying to get a picture of the boys and Jillian went right over there and got in the picture with them.  She was soooo cute trying (pretty successfully) to keep up with the big kids! 
 We had a fun morning hanging with friends.  Thursday afternoon we ran to Sam's and ate lunch and did a little shopping, ran to the Dollar Store, and then headed to Target all before nap time.  The kids did great and I felt so productive!!
 Thursday night we had a special visitor...
 Spiderman!!!  With a flash cape!!
 And then another Flash!  The kids are having so much fun playing dress up right now.  If they leave the room I never know what they are going to be dressed in when they come back!  Ha! 

It pretty much rained ALL spring break long.  Today the weather changed to beautiful!!  It was perfect!  I got home from a baby shower this afternoon and Matt informed me that Lilly had earned a quesadilla from the place of her choosing today.  I was so excited and thankful because I didn't have to cook!  Way to go Lilly!!  After dinner we went to the park so the kids could finally be outside. 
 Reid cracks us up every time he gets on this thing.  If we come within 3 feet of this thing Reid yells, "Move!  I'm gonna hit you!!"  It is hysterical because it takes him about 10 minutes to get up the courage to go down it and when he does he goes down at a snails pace.  We would have plenty of time to move out of the way before he would hit us.  But every time we come in the 3 feet radius he very seriously yells, "Move!  I'm gonna hit you!" 
 My sweet and funny boy!
 Lilly has mad climbing skills!!  She can climb rock walls, these bar climbing things, etc. 
 Ready to slide. 
 There is one of those wobbly bridges and the kids like for me to be the grumpy old troll and make them do silly things in order to cross my bridge. 
 Fun night with our sweet family!
 As we left the park we experienced our first skinned knee of the season!  Lilly took it like a champ but we have now agreed to wear leggings to the park.  We sprayed some neosporin and put a band-aid on her finger (because the knee where the boo-boo actually is would NOT make sense ) and she was good to go! 
And, last but not least, we have enjoyed getting to see pictures of our sweet and beautiful niece Breanna Katherine!!  I just can not get over all that hair and all that cuteness!!

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Todd and Courtney said...

I love that ya'll like to eat at Sams like we do :) Their pizza or pretzels make my day!!!