Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fun

This morning we went to a super-fun costume playgroup hosted by my friend Beth.  It was such a fun idea and the kids loved it!! 
 I laid all of Reid's costumes out to let him pick and he chose, "the star one."  You may know it is as Captain America.  If handsome is a super power--he has it!  (:
 Lilly started the morning in a princess dress but right before we left decided she wanted to be a cheerleader.  She probably would have changed ten more times if I would have let her.  3 and already having a wardrobe crisis.  Ha!! 
 Cody--his mom hosted this fun party!  He is a sweet boy! 
 We pulled up and they have a boat and Lilly was so excited when we drove up.  She kept saying, "Mom they have a boat!!  Do you see the boat??"
 The sun was in her eyes.  She said, "I can't keep my eyes open!"
 Little Addison in the background.  Cody (Incredible), Ryne (Sleeping Beauty), and Layton (Superman). 
 All smiles. 
 Beth played a little song where the kids shook their Easter eggs filled with jelly beans.  They had to participate to get the jellybeans!!  There was also lots of yummy food.  Thanks Beth for such a fun morning!! 
 Addison is such a doll and is always dressed in the latest fashion--such a doll! 

After playgroup I had a hair appointment (and the angels sang because it was PAST DUE).  My friend Brittney does my hair and she offered to just do my hair at her house so the kids could play.  I am so thankful because the kids were entertained and I got to relax and get my hair done while they ran around like wild monkeys children do. 
 They played in her boys' cop car. 
 They had so much fun!!
 Reid didn't want to change out of his costume.  Ha!  He also got a hair cut today and Lilly got a pretend hair cut. 
 Lilly spilled water on her pants so she just took them off.  I am really trying to get her to understand that pants aren't optional.  How is it working for me??  Not so much.  Anyway I told her to go put her pants on and instead she came back on with Brittney's rainboots on. 
Just a typical Friday with these cuties.  Ha!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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