Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Friday morning we met some friends at a local gymnastics place.  They have a free play time and this was our first time there. 
 The kids had a blast! 
 Lilly and Reid both wanted me to throw them into this sponge pit. 

 They also have two huge trampolines as part of the floor.  I tried to jump on there with Lilly but I thought I was going to go through the floor so I decided to just watch.  Ha!
 ( :
We had a fun time with friends! 
 Friday was my nephew Ethan's birthday so we went over to my sister's house Friday night for pizza and cupcakes! 
 Happy 7th Birthday Ethan!!
 Ethan opened a birthday card that had like 20 $1 bills in it and I jokingly said that he should throw it on the bed and roll in it.  He thought that was a pretty good idea!  Ha! 
 Saturday we went to celebrate sweet Cilla's third birthday! 
 The details were so cute and the kids had so much fun! 

 They had a little photo area with props. 
Love this cowboy!  ( :  MoMo and Papa Ray were also in town this weekend so we did a lot of hanging out with them but I managed to get zero pictures of them with the kids.  Fail!  Lilly was so excited to see MoMo.  She kept saying, "MoMo is coming to town!  I LOVE her!!"  Hope you all had a great weekend too! 

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