Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Niece & Spring Break

We are SO excited because today our sweet, precious, adorable, perfect niece Breanna Katherine was born!!!
 How awesome is she???  Congratulations to Bert and Becca!!
 This is when we showed the kids her picture after they got out of the tub.  Lilly said, "That is our baby!  I love her!"  She was so funny when I told her that Breanna was coming out of Becca's belly today--she was so disappointed that she wasn't having her at our house.  Ha! 
 Reid wanted to know where Bert was--he loves his uncle!  I can not wait to go see her!!!  We are going to wait a couple of weeks so they can settle in since we will have our two wild ones with us when we go to visit but until then I will just be chomping at the bits to see her.  The bits folks! 
 It is Spring Break this week and we are trying to do as little as possible!  Yesterday we met up with our sweet friends Renee and Sallie at the local bounce place and then had lunch at the mall.  Of course I got no pictures of that but we loved hanging out with them!  Today Laura, Addy, and Sam came over to play this morning.  These girls dressed up as princesses and kept referring to themselves as the "lost princesses."
 This is a picture from last week when all four of them piled into Addy's bed.   
 I have a few toys set back that we haven't opened for snow days or rainy days or whenever we need a new toy.  Today I broke out this Little People Talking Animal Zoo.  The kids love it! 

 Reid checking it out. 

 "Rooooooaaaaar!!!" is what he is saying in this picture.
 He was hysterical in the bubbles tonight. 
 He also figured out how to drink from the faucet tonight. 
 I panicked when I looked in because I didn't see him right away.  He would lay all the way back like that and then kick and kick and kick. 
Lilly accidentally got some bubbles in her mouth.  All in all we are enjoying our "stay-cation" so far!

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Courtney said...

Congratulations on your niece she looks adorable. I know it will be a hard wait until you can go see her.