Monday, November 7, 2011

Catch Up

Okay so I was on a streak and then had a little break again...but it was for good reasons! (:I think I started cleaning out the pantry Tuesday and got it all put together Wednesday some time. I have been meaning to do this for a while so I am glad to have it done!

I bought this broom hanger contraption in January and we finally hung it last week. It is about time, you think ?? Ha!

Thursday night the kids and I went to Wal-Mart and Target to browse the Halloween costume clearance because we are getting some dress up stuff for Lilly for Christmas and I scored a couple of good deals.

We also got the stuff to make these little cuties.

Of course since I let Lilly and Reid actually make them, this is what they looked like. Hehehe. They still tasted really good. Like a smore. One of my KDO kid's mom made these and I just thought they were too cute and super easy. You just cut a big marshmallow in half (or you don't have to, the first picture is two whole marshmallows), add melting chips on top, microwave for 10 seconds, and add the candy corn. Easy and yummy.

Friday morning we met some friends at the mall for a little lunch and play time.

Reid was most interested in buckling the stroller safety belts.

Friday night we went to this little cutie's birthday party. Which, by the way, I totally know where I am having Lilly and Reid's party next year! LOVE this place.

Reid loved that he got to see some farm animals. All he talks about lately is the farm and every time we leave the house he asks, "We go see the farmer?" And almost always I have to tell him no because we just really don't know any farmers to go see. But Friday night I got to say yes!

Checking each other out.

A Zonkey! That is right, a mix between a donkey and a zebra. Crazy, right? I had to take a picture and put it on here because this could be the only time some of you will ever see a Zonkey. (:

There was a lamb that was only 3 days old. He brought it out so the kids could pet it and Lilly said, "Oh! It is SO cute!!"

Lilly rode a pony!!! This is the first time she has ever happily been on a pony!

Reid and Lilly both loved this corn pit. Genius! That is what I think of this idea! At one point two of the baby pigs got out of the pin and you saw at least 20 toddlers squeal and take off after them. It was hilarious and those pigs were FAST!

Lilly and Cilla. Sweet girls!

On Saturday we cleaned out the garage. It feels so good to be getting things in order and organized. Aaannnnd, it was Matt's idea to clean out the garage Saturday morning. Awesomeness!

Saturday night I felt my first earthquake. The kids slept right through it but it rattled the house for at least 10 seconds. Strange. (There was apparently an aftershock tonight but I didn't feel it.)

Sunday we went to church and finished working in the garage. I parked in there and we are just a couple hours away from Matt being able to park in there. I think that will be the first time in our marriage where we will both be able to park in the garage. Then tonight Lilly and Reid had their first dance class! I can tell you that this is officially my new favorite time of the week! Lilly did so good! She listened and did the moves the teacher did. She was so excited to go and asked 30 times tonight to go back to dance class. Reid was also well behaved and really enjoyed the jumping moves but for the most part he just stood on his little green circle. Lilly is going to start going and we are going to wait on Reid. Lilly was so excited that we had to go get her dance outfit from Target RIGHT AFTER dance class. They were also measuring for recital costumes and Lilly could hardly contain her excitement over just being measured! It is SO PRECIOUS!! And now we are just relaxing, eating some cookies, and I am on Pinterest looking for ideas for Lilly's big girl room. Gulp! (:


Anonymous said...

You have been busy girl. Good for you that you straightened up the pantry and garage. It is so cute that she is taking dance! I can't wait to see more pictures.

Courtney said...

You have gotten tons accomplished. I really need to get my rear in gear, but exhaustion from work has just taken over right now. Maybe on those snow days I will tackle some projects (just typing that makes me a little giddy inside)!