Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dance, Nails, & Lights

Well since Lilly was sick last Monday we had to skip dance but thankfully they let us make up the class on Saturday morning. Since we don't have dance this week due to Thanksgiving that would have been a long time to not go with a certain tiny dancer asking daily if it is dance class day.
So we got all dressed in our dance "costume" (as Lilly calls it) for the first time and I almost died at the cuteness.
Oh my soul the cuteness abounds just looking at the photos--you should see it in person.
MoMo is in town and she got to witness the dance class. Lilly does such a good job in there. And she LOVES it. Today as she was talking to herself in her crib before nap she was saying, "I just love my dance class." I have loved every stage of her life (even the high-maintenance baby she was phase) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this phase of watching her get excited over something, look forward to it, and then enjoy it so much AND listen to her telling other people about it.
The back view.
The "ballerina hair" she insists on having for class. (c; MoMo got some pictures of her dance class so I will post those when I get them.
After dance MoMo wanted to take Lilly and her cousin Emma to get their nails done. This is Lilly's second time to get her nails done and she didn't forget a thing from the first time! (Both times, by the way, were with the grandparents.)
Having fun!
Lilly already loves to be pampered. It was so funny-the lady came around and was going to paint her toenails in the chair she was sitting in and Lilly said, "No, I want to sit in THAT chair!"
Ha! Last time she had her toenails painted she was sitting in my lap in one of these chairs. She was barely able to reach her legs to the lady for her to paint her toenails but she managed. Ha! She also asked where her water was (the water that you usually soak your feet in)...I tell you she forgets nothing!
The girls drying their nails.
Saturday night we loaded up the kids for one of my favorite annual traditions! The lighting of the Ozarks! Our local square has thousands and thousands of lights and we go there each year to watch them turn them all on and then they have a parade.
This was the look on the kids faces when they turned the lights on. Lilly was really more interested in her cotton candy. We don't get cotton candy very often so I think she was most excited about it!
Reid got excited and started pointing out the lights.
Meanwhile, Lilly polished off her cotton candy. (:
Then we watched the parade!
Reid loved every blow up but especially the Mickey Mouse one.
He waved and waved at Mickey and every one that waved at him. He kept saying, "Bye" really loud to each person/character.

All in all I would say it was a pretty awesome Saturday. The rest of our week has been hanging out with MoMo and Papa Ray and trying to get things in order before Thanksgiving. I have been so thankful for the week at home!

Oh, and Testimony Tuesday is still coming! It will be up tonight!


Todd and Courtney said...

The dance outfit is the best! She looks so cute and grown up.

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

Super cute post. Your babies could not be any cuter!!