Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Testimony Tuesday

Okay so I know the past couple of posts have been about perspective and priorities and it seems like no matter where I go that is what is being talked about whether it be church (we are in a sermon series that is literally called "Priorities"), bible study (a woman's discipleship program that is all about having the right priorities and how to best live those out), or just day to day stuff (i.e. the hospital, a conversation with a friend, etc). You know how when all of the sudden you are inundated with information on a certain subject for a lengthy period of time you stop and say, "God...are you trying to tell me something?" (As Beth Moore said, if God put it in the bible more than once-it is probably something you should pay attention to!) I was thinking of how often perspective and priorities had been brought to my attention lately and then all of the sudden it hit me...

I am reading The Power of Praying Woman and a couple of months ago was the topic of putting your life in the right order in which I wrote out the following prayer in my work book, "Lord please show me what my priorities should be and the order they should be in. Please reveal anything that needs to be changed and give me the wisdom, discipline, and obedience to change it." I also remember praying it for a couple of days in a row and thinking, "Lord I am never going to remember to keep praying this so please just show me."

Now when I prayed that I probably thought I had all the right priorities to begin with but little did I know that long after I had forgotten all about that prayer God was still going to be answering my prayer and teaching me in every avenue possible! Ha!

That same week I prayed, "Lord please give me the discipline and energy to accomplish..." and I wrote out an extensive to do list. As I am reading over that list right now--I have been working on almost every single one and can cross most of them out. Again, a prayer that I had totally forgot I had prayed and he is still coming through! God is faithful! Even when your memory doesn't last for more than a day! (; Haha!

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Rebekah said...

conviction...I need to give even the little things in life to God. Like checking off my daily "to do" list. I like what you said about the strength to get stuff done. So often we try to do it on our own. How much more efficient and productive and rewarding would our time be with God in the center of it ALL! Thanks for always challenging me to be a better person!