Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Testimony Tuesday: New Day

Well yesterday I was not really a poster child for Gospel living. I was a bit of crab. I started the day with good intentions. We were having a surprise day at home because Lilly hadn't been symptom free for 24 hours. She woke up back to normal saying, "Mommy I not sick anymore!" Somehow though the day she spent resting just seemed to store up double the energy. And it rubbed off on Reid. And even though it had the adverse affect on me and I seemed to only be working with half energy, I got the crazy idea to clean our house. It was in need. For those of you that have children, you probably realize that this was a recipe for disaster. For every one area I cleaned, the children destroyed two. Now, they are at the stage where I can have them clean up but I still have to be right there or they lose focus. And they are slow with the clean up. Faster than lightening with the dumping of an entire bucket of toys...slower than molasses in winter cleaning it up. It was SO frustrating. And exhausting. I ended up yelling. More than once. Okay, a lot. The truth was I was trying to get stuff done and was so tired that instead of stopping what I was doing and taking the time to, you know, parent--I just got louder. It was completely ineffective if you are wondering how that worked out for me.

In fact, it was disastrous. You know the saying, "If momma isn't happy, nobody's happy." Yeah, that rang true yesterday. By the end of the day we were all fussy.

So I pretty much chalk yesterday up as "FAIL", But I am SO THANKFUL that today is a new day and that "His mercies begin afresh each morning!" (Lamentations 3:23)


The Coleman Family said...

Girl, I am right there with you! I am so thankful to be forgiven and that it is forgotten when I have days like that! And I have way too many days like that! Love this post! Praying for you!

joelsgirl said...

Don't worry, as they get bigger, your patience will come back with a vengeance, and you'll simultaneously be like OMGOSH, I AM THE GREATEST MOTHER EVER and OMGOSH, I WAS THE WORST MOTHER EVER. But don't worry, neither one is probably true. ; )