Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

The pictures are all willy-nilly ordered but that is okay.  Wednesday after Matt got off work we headed to B-town to see some family. 
 The kids were so excited to go to Mike and DeDe's house but Lilly kept saying, "DeDe lives SO FAR away."  Ha!  On Thursday we had our Thanksgiving meal for lunch (and snack and dinner).  I did not take a single picture on Thanksgiving day.  I slacked.  It is becoming a pattern and the grandparents are concerned that our sweet children will not have enough photos.  I did just laugh.  Anyway, I do hate that I didn't get any pictures of Grandma Betty or Lilly and Reid's sweet cousins!
 (In this picture is MeMaw).  Thursday night DeDe and I went to Wal-Mart for some black Friday shopping fun.  I wanted a marble comic dress up trunk for Reid.  I am glad I went because I really didn't think it would be a hot ticket item but since there were only 6 of them total I was thrilled to get it. Lilly is getting some dress up clothes (shhh) and I am hoping him having some boy dress up clothes will keep him out of princess dresses.  On Friday we did some more shopping and watched our Razorbacks lose.  I would still rather be 10 and 2 with Petrino than 12 and 0 with any other coach!  Still proud to be a Razorback fan!  After the loss, though, we did do some retail therapy to help.  Ha! 
 Mike and Granddaddy with Reid and Lilly.  We went by and saw them on our way out of town Sunday. 
 The kids were WILD this weekend.  They didn't stop for one second.  I am pretty sure it was because they ate candy for the entire 5 days we were there.  Lilly laid on these two ottomans and told Reid to get on for a piggy back ride.  Ha!  He did.  And then they switched spots. 
 And of course Lilly and Reid love spending the weekend with Uncle Bert and Aunt Becca.  We are so excited they are having a girl, Breanna Katherine, in March!!! 
 Playing with Bert. 
 DeDe got Reid these Christmas Cars pajamas and I thought he was just the cutest stinking thing in them.  He calls the shirt his "jacket".  He thinks if it buttons up, it is a jacket.  If you could see his feet in this picture you would see his blue crocs on.  He is insisting on wearing his shoes at all waking moments of the day now.  Weirdo.  Ha! 
 I forgot to show this in the last post but Reid made this for me at KDO.  Love it! 
On Saturday we went by and saw MamMa. 

One funny story--DeDe turned the tv on downstairs for the kids to watch and Lilly was messing with the buttons and either turned the channel or turned it off.  So she came upstairs to tell DeDe that the tv was off and DeDe asked her, "Why were you touching the tv?  You aren't supposed to touch it." And Lilly looked at her and said, "I think we need to go downstairs and talk about it."  It was so funny! 


Courtney said...

Looks like such a wonderful holiday weekend.

Lynn said...

Lilly doesn't know just how far away someone can live. :)

Thanks so much for your posts. I am sure I'd never get all the news without them.