Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lilly's First Haircut!!!

Well even though she is three, Lilly has never had a haircut. Scissors have never touched her hair. Not even to trim it.
I just LOVE her curls and was afraid if we cut her hair, her curls would be gone. Lately, Lilly has been asking to get her hair cut. Her hair has gotten so long and it becomes a tangled mess. She is also so tender-headed and hates having her hair brushed out Sooo we decided it was time. (When I told Matt I was ready, he said, "It is about time." Ha! Apparently he was just waiting for me to be ready.)
We didn't really know that today was the day, though, because I had forgotten that I had a hair appointment. So I didn't really have time to brace myself or grab my camera because we had just gotten to the mall to play when my friend Brittney (she does my hair) called to remind me of my appointment. I am so irritated that I didn't have my camera with me and I had to use my IPhone to take pictures but at least I got some cute ones! I just hate that I wasn't "Mommarazzi ready" for this! Our sweet little girl before--she was so excited! She had just started playing in the play area when I said, "Lilly, wanna go get your hair cut?" She said, "Yes!!!" and ran to the stroller and then she told everyone we passed on our way out that she was going to get her hair cut.

Those long sweet curls. (Before you get to the end...we just trimmed some off...don't expect drastic changes.)

The tangled mess I was referring to.

Being so good while Mrs. Brittney brushed it out.

Look at how long it is...ahem...was...all brushed out!! Down to the booty!

She thought it was so funny that her hair was up in the clippy. She just grinned from ear to ear and I could tell she felt So. Big!

The first cut!

Her first little curl cut off. Sad face. Tear.

Getting her hair blow-dried. This girl likes to be pampered! Having her hair fixed, nails done--she is all girly girl!

Having so much fun!

All done enjoying her PINK sucker. If you ask Lilly and Reid which sucker they want, they don't respond with a flavor, they respond with a color. Lilly-pink, Reid-blue.

We decided to just trim it today so she took a couple of inches off. If it is still super-tangly then we will have to go shorter but I just love her long pretty hair!!!

Giving some sassy pose! (:

The back! So really this is a big dramatic post about her first hair cut and there isn't a huge difference.

When we got home I steam-mopped the entry tile and bathroom tile so I put the little potty on the big potty while I was mopping and forgot about it. I told Lilly to go potty before naps and I walked into the bathroom to this. Ha!! LOVE this girl!


christy said...

She is so stinkin' cute!!!

Superchikk said...

Sweet girl! I love her hair!

Courtney said...

She is adorable. I love the last picture.