Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kid's Crafting. (:

Well Lilly and Reid LOVE to do some crafting.  ESPECIALLY painting and doing handprints and footprints.  So the week before Thanksgiving, we did some fun crafts!  
 This is Lilly's new "cheese" face. 
 I love that Reid always gets really serious when it is craft time.  Focused!
At first we painted coffee filters with just a mix of water and food coloring but the colors just weren't vibrant enough so we brought out the real paint. 
 Then I did their footprint and we made these darling little turkeys.  The above is Reid's and below is Lilly's.  I don't know if I have mentioned this yet, but his foot is bigger than hers. 

Then I traced each one of our handprints and made this family handprint turkey.  Matt's is obviously the red one.  Mine is green.  Lilly's is orange and Reid's is yellow.  I think this is the last yellow Reid will be the top layer.  We made these in my KDO class and they were a big hit.  SOO cute.  I am going to frame mine and hang it.  I don't care if thanksgiving is over.  (: 
Lilly and I made a Thanksgiving book.  Reid painted a few pages when Lilly was on the painting part but he didn't really want to put the rest together.  I got the entire book idea from here off of pinterest.

Lilly was insistent that the rock be placed there and since it is her book--I said okay.  I did try and show her where things were supposed to go but I let her put them wherever she placed them. 
I thought it was so funny because she insisted on putting the leaves next to one another.  She said they were sister and brother and needed to be right next to each other.  I don't know where she is coming up with half of the stuff she is saying lately but she is cracking us up!
There is also one more page that says, "They had a wonderful feast to celebrate all that God had provided for them."  We left our book in Benton on accident.  But on that page all we are doing is cutting out some pictures of yummy food and sticking them on.  LOVE this book!
And our last crafting project was making DeDe and MoMo a handprint Christmas tree canvas with thumbprint ornaments. 
They were a big hit! 

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Lauren @ Defrump Me said...

Oh my! Look how crafty you are!! Adorable stuff, adorable kids! :D