Thursday, March 19, 2009


Lilly used to try and hold her own bottle...and sometimes succeed. Then, all of the sudden, she lost complete interest in even attempting. So, the past few days I have been forcing her to hold her own juice bottle. It is only 4 ounces and she is totally capable. This is how she is for like 15 seconds. Then.....
she resorts to this!!
Are you talking about me???
Laid back in the stroller...taking a ride (see the feet propped up?) We spent the afternoon with my cousin Amber....lunch, Target, hanging out....we had a great time!
Lisa and Trenton came over for dinner last night. After Lilly was finished with her jumper, Trenton took his turn!
He got in and giggled. Every time he sees Lilly he says, "Baby".
MoMo is here tonight. She came to help us pack some boxes, but we haven't had very much motivation tonight--we get too distracted by Miss Priss and her cuteness!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The weather is great here so today we went to the park! Matt, Lilly, and I went walking. Lilly is liking her stroller. Such a big girl! (After reviewing some posts, I have noted that I completely overuse the exclamation mark...not quite ready to give it up yet though.)
Sweet sweet Lilly.
Happy St. Patty's day from Lilly. Don't worry I kissed her enough for all possible blog you're covered!
Hope you guys had a good day!
American Idol thoughts: My dream team (see side bar) didn't do so well tonight. I am stinking it up in the dream team contest anyway...I am like 1400th place right now. Eek. I thought they were a little tough on Lil. I am still watching it, but country night has been rough! Kris, the guy from Conway, did really great though!! What is Adam on??? They need to teach a song picking class..."because I really like it" is not a reason (suggested by Matt)!!! Does anyone else just really like saying, "Anoop Adoop" with feeling and emotion?...haha. Much better performance this week by Anoopy. I just love his name.....I told Matt that if we have a boy...maybe??? (J/K) Megan...such a pretty girl...why the entire arm tattoo? Just not crazy 'bout that chickee--even when she does well.
DWTS thoughts: Loving it and everyone...think the computer dude is going home. (Matt hates this show so I can't watch the results until tomorrow.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Warriors!!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday Grandpa Mike and Grandma DeDe came through town on their way home from Eureka Springs. Lilly got to play with the grandparents. Notice how Lilly is the only one looking at the camera??
Just feeling Grandpa out.
After lunch, we went to cousin Ethan's 4th birthday party!! It was outside and cold!!! Matt and Lilly kept taking car breaks so she didn't get too cold.
The birthday boy is the one on the far left. They are saying, "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese".
Happy Birthday to you....He had his own cake.
After the party, we headed over to Aunt Theresa's house...we arrived to this sweet message!
Hey guys!
Lilly's twin cousins were there too! This is Eva Kate.
This is Marshall.
This is Lilly. Haha.
Checking out each other.
Meeting of the minds. Marshall and Eva Kate are really sweet with her. They kept bringing her toys and trying to cover her up with her blanket. Marshall kept patting her on the back and taking her bow off.....
trying it out to see what the big deal was!
Sitting with Aunt Theresa.
Sunday was cleaning today. In addition to cleaning the house, we tried out Lilly's new bathtub. I brought this out because we can't get her to lay back in her other tub. This one she can sit up in and it is padded on the sides just in case.....notice she is NOT sitting up. She was laid back and totally relaxed. This girl!
Playing in her crib while Mommy works on cleaning her room and packing up her clothes that have gotten too small.
Well Lilly has been rolling for a while, but today she figured out she can move all over the place. She rolled all around the living room. She was laying on this blanket playing with toys, but somehow she ended up rolled up in it across the room!!
Still rolling! She is getting really giggly too!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dr.--6 month check up

Okay, I have posted several (5) posts tonight!! This is 1 of 5. Lilly in the waiting room...hanging with mommy and daddy.
Awe, love daddy!
In the doctor's office. She didn't want the doctor to hold her. He said her stranger anxiety was kicking in.
Rolling around on the exam table.
Stupid shot lady! Lilly gave her the dirtiest look when she gave her the shots...right before she cried. ):
Right after...poor sweet baby!
Recovered and ready to go home.

6 Months!!!!!

(Post 2 of 5) I can NOT believe how much she is growing!!! It is just happening so fast. This is Lilly in her carseat coming home from the hospital!
This is her now!!! I was driving home today and a song came on talking about how quickly kids phases pass and I just started boo-hooing! As soon as I got my composure together the song "You're gonna miss this" came on and I started all over again. I hope that is pregnancy hormones! I just can't believe how fast these six months have gone by!!!!!
Anywho, in honor of the six months, here is what Lilly is up to lately!
Being cute! She has been sporting some big flowers lately.
She is wearing size 3-6 month clothes, but it is starting to get into her 6-9 month clothes. She is also wearing size 3 diapers.
She tears up some link-a-doos!!! I swear these are the best things ever--$4 for a bag--she can't get enough of them!
Eating sweet potatoes, bananas, and rice cereal. She could be a cleaner eater, but if I stop to clean her she gets distracted and it takes forever so we just shovel it in!! I did discover that if I feed her in her carseat...we are much neater! She has also learned how to gurgle her milk...oh what fun that is!
Playing with her toys and...........
rollin, rollin, rollin! She is a rolling fool!
Hanging with mommy and daddy!
Sleeping in her own crib in her own room!! She is also jabbering on and on and swaying from side to side. We just love her so much!!!!

Lilly and Tank

(Post 3 of 5) Lilly loves Tank!!! She just watches his every move and can't contain herself if he is doing something exciting like chasing his bone! Until tonight, Tank has avoided her like the plague. He even tries to sit where she can't see him. With some treat bribery we finally got them to meet! She giggled as soon as she could touch she was thinking "I have been waiting so long for this moment"...giddy! Then she would giggle as soon as he got close!

The above is a video of her and tank!! She is so cute! She is laughing in the video.

Videos, Videos, and More Videos

(Post 4 of 5) Okay, I have been taking videos of Lilly. She is really into her jumper right three of the videos are of her in the jumper. The first one she is just jabbering all about.

(VIDEO above)

(VIDEO above) This one she is rocking side to side and doing what I call "the rodeo"--she hangs on with one hand and waves the other one in the air!

(VIDEO above) This one she is just having a good time. I love when she puts her hands on her head like that..crazy girl.

(VIDEO above). She rocks from side to side on the ground too. She really gets going but I can never get the crazy rocking on video...I am usually too busy laughing.

Mini-Van Mama

(Post 5 of 5) Well since we are about to have two kiddos (and stuff for those two kiddos), we had to say adios to the Honda Accord!!
Bye Bye cramped back seat with no room for other passengers!!

Hello Honda Odyssey!
Hello sweet room, automatic sliding doors, and tons of trunk space....or hello some trunk space and third row seats. I will admit that I didn't think I would be driving a mini-van so early in life, but I love it. It is so much easier to get her in and out of the car and we actually have room for her stuff.
I got a new hair cut! I like it.
The baby bump....I think it is a little exaggerated b/c I just ate dinner (that is what I tell myself anyway).
  • American Idol thoughts: I was pretty pleased with the top 13. I thought they all did pretty well. However, I thought Megan was horrible! Did she actually caw at the end??? I also didn't think that Adam was as good as the judges did. I was sad to see Jorge and Jasmine go. Anoop didn't do very good but I like saying his name so I am good with him hanging around another week. I had picked him, Jorge (or Georgie as Matt calls him), and Megan to be the bottom three. I was off. I loved Danny and Lil the best. Anywho, a lot has happened since then and that is all I can recall for now.