Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well yesterday was a good are most days around special events just a normal day. We started out the morning by going to bible study and arriving on time-ish. It starts at 9:00 so I consider that a victory. After that we had lunch with Matt at the house. We were able to have pleasant conversation despite the noisy children that belong to us. Haha. Then, it was nap time! It really is a magical time that must never be taken for granted...but I digress. After naps, we played outside and the kids cracked me up! Lilly has this bouncy-dog and she kept getting on it and "accidentally" falling over and saying "Whoaaaa".
I think you can tell by the smile that she was just fine....even though she "fell" like 70 times.
Reid just sat in his Cozy Coupe and chillaxed for a bit.
The boy LOVES his car and making the horn go "beep beep".
Poor Tank--every time the kids are outside, one of them (Reid...if I were to mention names) dumps his water out. Lilly was hilarious because she ran inside and got a kitchen towel and ran back outside and started cleaning the water up. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the sun would do it for her--I was also excited at her initiative!
She also took everything (including the ball pictured) out of the playhouse and kept saying "wet". Matt came home from work as I was in the middle of fixing pork burritos (OMGOSH they are good) so he played with the kids outside while I finished dinner. We ate and then went for a walk to the nearby school playground, let the kids play for awhile, and then walked back home and got the kids ready for bed! All in all, it was a pretty sweet day!
Now, for those of you who are interested in my bible study, I thought I would share a couple of highlights from this week. This weeks topic was on how men are secretly insecure and feel like at any moment they could be "found out" and lose everything.
  • I came to a realization this week....Matt has given up his "back-up income" security for me to stay at home with our babies. As I read about how deeply rooted the need for the man to be the "provider" of the home is and how scared he is to fail at that--it really made me appreciate that security sacrifice that he is making for us!
  • A big focus was on how important it is for us wives to affirm our husbands! They need to know that we honestly appreciate their efforts and are proud of them. We also talked about how important it is to focus on the "praise-worthy" characters of your spouse. Philippians 4:8 says "Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable--if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise--DWELL ON THESE THINGS." We also made a list of praise-worthy traits of our hubby's to help us focus on those qualities. I have a good hubby so that was easy!
  • Another good point was that home needs to be the "safety zone"...your husband needs to know that no matter what is happening at work or in his life, that you are in his corner (so to speak) to support him and back him up.
  • I would also like to note that we talked about things that get in our way of loving our husbands in this way...and for pretty much boils down to....selfishness. He isn't doing these things for me...why should I do them for him?? I think what we should remember is that God recognizes your sacrifice and your selflessness and blesses it.

So, all in all, this study is going great. Matt and I have a great marriage but it is still IMPROVING it and making it better. I have been expressing to him every day things that I appreciate or reasons I am proud of him. It is funny and awkward at times but I can tell he likes it. I also make sure that when I talk to others about him, I speak of him in a positive manner. The challenge this week is to try and ease the burden of being the provider a little bit. I am making a tight budget and sticking to it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

13 Months & Check-up

Well, Reid you turn 13 months old today! We had your one year check-up yesterday...we had to reschedule your original check-up appointment because Mommy thought the 30th fell on a Tuesday when in fact it fell on a we missed it and this was as soon as they could "work us in". You weighed in at 24 lbs 8.5 ounces (75th percentile) and measured 30.63 inches long (75th percentile). According to the dr., you looked "PERFECT". I couldn't agree more! She also noted that you were a very smart boy! She is right! You are saying all kinds of words including, "nack" (snack), "nigh, nigh" (night night), "no", "fis" (fish), "mommee", "daddeeee", "all done" (you say it differently but I can't figure out how to type it out), and more! We know you are learning all of these words from your sister because you say them EXACTLY like she does...same pitch and cracks us up. You also love playing patty cake! You clap and LOVE rolling it up!
You have also started dancing during "dancy dance" time, too. Your personality is really starting to come out and you are funny! You love to play games and smile and laugh. You think it is hilarious to move your arm like cat scratching and say "meow" think it is funny when Daddy and Mommy do this too. You also love us to shake hands with you and give us high-fives!
You are a teething machine. You are working on tooth #15 and tooth #16 right now. You are such an easy teether.
When I picked you up from the nursery this morning after bible study, the ladies taking care of you said, "He has such a sweet smile"...I also hear constantly how "contagious" your smile true! That shouldn't come as a surprise to you if you have read any of my previous "months" post of you. (c:
Just like in this picture, you are SOOOOO laid back. You are just content to be here!! I love that about you (not just because it makes my life easier)...I think it is such a rare quality to just naturally be content. I hope you stay that way and always realize that God has provided you everything you need for your current happiness!!! (Oh, and you LOOOOVVEE your Cozy Coupe car..if you are outside, you are always sitting in it--and falling through it.)
You still love your "papi" (pacifier). You love to throw everything. You make the biggest mess when you eat--you can ALWAYS tell where you sat! You love sitting forward-facing in the van and are mesmerized by the DVD player. In fact, you get in a "zone" and I start to worry because you don't just stare and stay perfectly still. Haha.
You love phones. You say "hi" and then walk around babbling. At the dr. yesterday, she said, "he is a chatty little guy!" Haha. If she only knew your sister and your Mommy, she would know that you kind of have to be!
You are so handsome and cuddly! God knew how to melt Mommy's heart when he made you!! You do it perfectly each and every day just being sweet little Reidster Speedster! Which you really have become quite speedy and determined!
You love your rocking chair that Grandma Betty got you for Christmas. You love to sit in it and you love to stand in it! We are always telling you to "sit down" when you stand up in your chair--you smile and laugh and then we will come and sit you down and clap and say "Yay Bubby, you are sitting!" So now when you are standing and we tell you to sit down, you will sit down and clap for yourself. Haha. Too cute! We just love you and take so much joy in watching you grow and develop! Can't wait to see what you will be up to this month. (c; Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Lilly

Monday, September 27, 2010

What a Weekend!!

Well--we have been crazy busy! We had something going everyday last week, all throughout the weekend, and everyday this week too! Mike, DeDe, Bert, and Becca all came in town on Thursday. We were so glad to see everyone! On Friday, DeDe watched Lilly and Reid while I ran to get presents for a baby shower and two birthday parties we were going to this past was SO helpful to be able to just run in and browse without children because I was on a time crunch! Then, I headed to my friend Jenna's baby shower and my sweet in-laws took the kids to FNO for me so I could leave early and have some extra adult time with the girls! Jenna had a great shower and got so many cute things. I just started going through the bags so I could just touch all that sweet tiny baby stuff! Matt had to go all the way to Benton and back to go to a friend's grandma's visitation. I LOVE that he is so caring and did that to be there and support a friend in his time of loss. I am proud to have such a considerate hubby!
Then on Saturday morning we went to sweet Stella's birthday party!! Isn't she just the cutest?
She had an ADORABLE Mickey & Minnie themed party! Sydney cut the little sandwiches and made the cupcakes...everything was precious!
The mantle with the birthday banner.
And, of course, there were lots of adorable guests too. This handsome little guy is Trevor!!
Brayden..hamming it up!
There was also a coloring station that Reid really liked.
He had a good time!
Cilla was there too in her cute little "go hogs" dress. We were all decked out for the big game.
I have to be honest with you here and tell you that I was getting on Lilly's nerves at this party. I would walk near her with the camera and she would turn her head and say, "NO!" Diva.
The birthday girl while we were singing happy birthday to her.
Blowing out the candle!
I finally managed to get a picture of her face! She was saying "cake" and I asked, "Lilly do you want a cupcake" and in this picture she is looking at me and saying "Right!" Haha. She doesn't say "yes", she says, "right".
Jennifer and sweet Jillian...isn't she just darling??
Present time--Stella must've been good this year because she got lots of great stuff! Happy 2nd birthday Stella!!
Aunt Becca...or Bec Bec as Lilly calls her...and little Trevor. Isn't that bib awesome?
Lilly's love of shopping carts continued at the party.
After the party, we watched the game. We were sad we lost but it was a good game. We still love our razorbacks!! Matt got to go to the game with his brother and I was glad that they got to go together!
We met up for pizza after the game and I was a little worried that they might be in a "mood" from the loss but they were just fine! My sweet hubby even volunteered to take the kids home and put them to bed so that the ladies could go shopping! Yes, please! Haha.
Miss Priss!
Reid, DeDe, and Lilly...Lilly wanted DeDe to do everything with her....not Mommy. My feelings weren't hut. I was okay with a little "me" time.
Bec-Bec and Lilly. Lilly kept dragging Becca back to the play room and bringing her imaginary food and drinks.
Uncle Bert. These two love their Uncle Bert, Aunt Becca, DeDe, and Mike. Thanks for visiting us guys!!
Lilly is already ready to call and set up another trip! We also had another party Sunday night but this post is getting long so I will post it another day. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Swim!

Well, over Labor Day weekend, Lilly took her final swim of the summer season! Let me just tell you--the water was NOT warm. Luckily for Lilly, she has a Daddy that cares more about making her happy than he cares for own body warmth (and she has a cousin Ray that was willing to swim and play with her too (c:) Lilly really likes ladders in pools for some reason...I will call it a quirk and move on.
She really had a good time swimming from the ladder to her Daddy--
all by herself because she is a big girl, you know.
This girl loves the water!
She was so cold that her bottom lip and chin were just quivering but she did NOT want to get out. No-sir-ee, she would rather swim.
She also liked to watch Ray jump in the pool. He can do some cool jumps! I believe this one is the beginning of a "Canon Baaaaaaallllll". Good form, Ray!
About to swim to Ray...we all were entertained by Ray's swim shorts. He had borrowed a pair that DeDe had downstairs (probably because he hadn't intended on joining the Polar Bear club that day..haha) and they just kept filling up with air.
Good times!!
Talking to the people on the side of the pool--probably trying to convince them to join in the fun. I know it won't be too long before she says through shivering lips, "It isn't cold at all, Mom".
We probably won't be able to make it an entire 9 months without seeing the pool again so I will probably be on the hunt for an indoor pool pretty soon. As for Mike and DeDe's pool, is closed. Thanks for a season of fun in the sun guys!