Friday, August 31, 2012

August Overview

Well I am crazy always...but there are still pictures from May that I haven't posted.  Eek!  We have been busy busy busy this month so I thought I would just give a quick overview of what we have been up too.
 We started this month at the doctors office for this little man.  He had an ear infection.  I thought I was going in for amoxicillin and left with a surgery appointment to get his tubes and adenoids removed.  To make himself feel better Reid wore 16 bandaids for two days. 
 When we went to take them off he had developed a heat rash wherever the adhesive on the bandaid was.  Parental fail. 
 This girl also started the month off by being sick as well.  She was sick one day and when anybody called the next day to check on her she would say, "I'm a little sick today.  Not bad sick like lasterday but a little sick."  And she refused to leave the house that day. 
A local boutique had a 1/2 price Toms sale so Lilly and I got matching shoes.  She says, "Mommy I love that yours shoes match mine!"  I do, too.  Every time I see our matching feet I get a little giddy inside.  Ha!
 The 6th through the 10th I had to go to ELLA training (a training on teaching language and literacy to young children.)  This was a long week because I had to drop the kids off at 7am and we were in class until 3:30--which is a long time to sit in class BUT I was super excited about taking the class.  It was great information and we got lots of books so it was a blessing to have that opportunity!  Kid's Day Out training, meetings, and work days have taken up 9 days in August so that is where several of our days have been spent. 
 The 7th was our anniversary!!  We have been married 8 years!!  I am so thankful for Matt.  During the Ella training week he got up an hour early with me and while I got ready he made lunches for the kids and got everything together for us and then got the kids up and got them dressed.  He is so selfless and I just love him more every day!!
 He is also so thoughtful.  I had mentioned almost buying a lunch box but deciding I just didn't need it and so he went and bought a lunch box for me.  And a razorback necklace.  LOVE that man!!
 The kids were playing in Lilly's room and Lilly said, "Mom!  We built a fort!!"  So, this is their very first fort!!  They used the curtains, chairs, and the bed.  You can't see it real well but there was a good covered area. 
 I helped host a sip-and-see for my sweet friend Rebekah and baby Duke (and Cilla, of course).  We just love this family!!  Also, there will be a separate post with party details. 
 We did a food swap the day before we left for the beach.  Crazy timing but I am SO GLAD we did it because we will need these meals this month.  I also made some extra meals.  I will post recipes in a different post later, too.  All in all I stocked the freezer with 30 meals this week. 
 Then we spent last week at the beach.  Several posts to come on that. 
 Tuesday was Reid's birthday.  That already has it's own post.
 Wednesday Reid had surgery (that has it's own post already too). He is still doing awesome!  Such a praise!!  We also kicked off small group again this week and we are so happy to be reunited with all of our small group friends! 
Tank has not been himself lately so we took him to the vet yesterday and we found out he has diabetes.  Honestly from the possibilities the doctor gave us that morning (cancer, congestive heart failure, etc), we were relieved that it was something that we could manage.  He is on special food and we are giving him insulin for a week and then we will go back to see if his blood sugar has gone down and if we need to keep doing the insulin.  It has only been 24 hours and he is already feeling SO MUCH better.  We have joked that if we aren't taking the kids to the doctor, we are taking the dog. 

Today we pretty much just took it easy.  We had lunch at our favortie--Sam's Club--with some sweet friends and then just hung around the house.  We are looking forward to a three day weekend and the first Razorback football game of the season!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surgery Day

Today was the big day for Reid--he had his tubes removed and his adenoids taken out.  We had been to the doctor a few weeks ago and he told us this needed to be done.  His tubes just wouldn't fall out on their own and he was still getting ear infections.  I would love to say that I was a big girl about the whole ordeal...but that would be a lie.  I have fought worry since the second we scheduled it. 
 The Lord must have known how worried I was about him being scared because the first thing Reid said when we woke him up was, "I'm going to the doctor!"  He was happy and cheerful and calm all morning.  The nurse gave him a coloring book that told him what to expect and she had Cars stickers.  I think that made us all feel better.  ( : 
 Hanging out with Daddy.
 He even decorated his gown with Cars stickers.

 All ready to go--my big brave boy! 
 They came in and gave him some medicine that calmed him down and made him really sleepy so we laid together and watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 
 He was a little groggy.  Ha!  He would just look at me and smile.  Then they came and took him back and the whole thing took about twenty minutes.  The surgeon said everything went great. 
 When we went back to get him he was crying and yelling and trying to rip his IV out.  We pretty much had to hold his arms down because he was determined to get the IV out and wouldn't calm down.  They said they normally wait until they drink something to take the IV out but they went ahead and took it out.  I think we were all a little traumatized but then he calmed down and went to sleep for a little while.  When he woke up--he was as happy as could be. 
He came home and went straight to playing with all of his new toys.  He was also excited to see DeDe and Lilly.  We were very thankful that DeDe came to hang out with Lilly and love on her while we were taking care of Reid.  The fact that Reid is doing so great is such an answer to prayer and we are so thankful!!  He is also eating normal food already, too.  Praise the Lord! 

Tonight we had small group and Reid just stayed with us intead of going to the church...we thought he would just hang out and watch movies.  Not so much.  He ran around like a wild man and then while we were praying he jumped out of our bedroom and sprayed a couple of people in the face with water.  So, yeah, I think he is going to be just fine.  ( ;

Reid's Birthday Fun!

Reid slept in on his birthday.  I asked him what he wanted to do for lunch and I asked if he wanted to go to Chick-fil-a, go get grilled cheese, or go to Chuck E Cheese.  He said he wanted to eat grilled cheese...but then when we went to get Lilly up he said, "Lilly we are going to Chuck E Cheese!!!"  So after we went to bible study we headed to Chuck E Cheese. 
 He was excited!!  He also told everybody that would listen that it was his birthday. 
 And so was this girl!!  I had to explain how it was Reid's special day and he got to choose where we went...she is not so keen on this.  Ha!
Our friends "Miss Laura", Addi, and Sam came to help us celebrate, too!  So thankful for sweet friends!
 Reid was drawn to anything he could drive. 
 Lilly was token crazy!!  She would give Addi a handful of tokens and say, "Here!  Have as many as you need!!"  Love her generous spirit! 
 Reid put all of his tokens in all by himself.  My big 3 year old.  Sigh. 
 For the last week anytime someone asked Reid how old he was going to be he would answer, "Two!" And when I tried to tell him he was going to be three he would cry and say, "No!  I'm 2!"  Well I guess it was the magic day because he will now say that he is three!  I was with him, though, because I wasn't really ready for him to turn 3 either. 
 All of the kids love this horse ride.
 And we did a little bit of skee-ball. 

 Reid had so much fun!!

 Lilly was a very serious driver--her daddy will be proud!
 Sam--Reid's best buddy. 
 Here they were talking.  Reid said, "Sam are you alright?"  Sam replied, "Yep!"

Okay so Lilly put the tokens in this ride by herself--I just looked over and they were riding this ride--they watch a video of a jet-ski and the chairs move.  Kind of like a simulator, maybe??  Anyway, their facial expressions are hilarious! 

They seemed to have fun but they only rode it once.  ( ; 
 This is what the girls did when I asked to take their picture.  Ha!
Lilly called several people on the Chuck E phone and she would talk, "Ummmm yes...we are at Chuck E Cheese.  Uh-huh."
 Okay so at CEC there is a fake Chuck E that kind of dances on stage and then every once in a while the "real" Chuck E comes out.  When we first got there Reid kept yelling at the fake Chuck E, "Hey Chuck E Cheese--it's my birthday!!"  Finally, after about the 7th time, he turned around and blew out his breath and said, "Mooooommm, he is NOT answering me!!"  Needless to say he was excited when the real Chuck E Cheese came out and was excited that it was his birthday. He danced with CEC and was very thankful for the string of tickets he got from him.  He referred to the string of tickets as his rattlesnake. 
 This was actually Reid's favorite ride.  It was like the kid version of the simulator and he rode it at least 15 times. 
 Daddy came by to have lunch with us, too!  I love Reid's face in this picture. 
 Lilly rode this ride and once she figured it out it took her picture...
 she wouldn't get off of it.  Ha!  I love it!

 Sam and Reid. 
 Addi wanted in on the picture too. 
 When he woke up DeDe was here and Daddy was in town and he was super excited!  He wanted grilled cheese for dinner so we went to Hammontrees. 
 Reid got to pick out his own cake the day before and we had went to pick it up after CEC--he LOVED it and was so excited! 
 He was so funny when we sang Happy Birthday to him--he was singing along with us, "Happy birthday to me!"

 He is also an expert candle extinguisher!  (: 
 Me, the birthday boy, and DeDe
 We all had some yummy cake...
 and then he opened presents...
 and Lilly had to help! 
 Opening his present from Lilly. 
Funny story--we ran by the Dollar Store to pick up party hats and were going to let Lilly pick out a present for him.  I took him to get party hats and DeDe took Lilly to pick out a present...she ended up with a cart full of presents.  Haha! 
 The kids snuck back in the kitchen and attacked the cake.  We couldn't help but laugh.  It was his birthday, after all, so we just let them go at it. 
LOVE these two!  I think he had a pretty great day!  (:  Now for the next few days we have two 3 year-olds!!