Sunday, May 31, 2009


Okay, well in order to catch up, I am going to have to combine old/current posts in one post for a couple of days because I have some videos I really want to put on here...but I want to be caught up. So, this post has pictures of Lilly in her Sunday clothes from the past two Sundays and then it has what we did today. There are a ton of photos so I am keeping comments as brief as possible!! Oh, I just love church clothes!

This is from 2 Sundays ago....she is so good in church, but I decided it was probably time to try the nursery because she makes it hard to focus on the sermon!
This is from last Sunday in Benton....she was the only child in her age nursery so she got all the attention.

Playing in her Sunday best.
Trying to pull up on Mommy and get the camera.

Today, Lilly got in a pool for the first time!! I really didn't think that she would because the water was COLD. At first, we just put our feet in, and then up to the ankle, then the knee. It took her a while to get comfortable with sitting in the duck and not with Mommy or Daddy, but she came around.

Sitting on the step with her feet in the water. On a side note, Tank fell in the pool on was pretty funny!

After the pool, she took a good long nap and then we had all kinds of visitors!! GG Tomara (so sorry if I am misspelling that), Grandma Oksana, and Grandpa Dennis came by to visit Miss Lilly.
LOVE this photo!
Uh-hem...Lilly, can I get some focus here??
Lilly and Grandpa Dennis. She loved seeing them and didn't want them to leave...she told them very loudly that she wanted them to stay.
Also, Cousin Amber came by with MoMo. I love this picture of them...they stopped their playing temporarily to give me smiles!!
MoMo and Lilly. We had a great weekend! I will post about the rest of it in another post this week. As you can tell, we had a busy but wonderful Sunday.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Okay, we are still back-blogging a little.... Well, Lilly uses the soothie pacifiers so I bought her a pacifier clip that goes with that particular type of paci because it doesn't have the handle to snap onto. Anywho, I thought this flower would be cute.
BUT as you can takes up her entire face! So I think I will just keep taking spare paci's around with us!
As mentioned in a previous post, Lilly's Grandma Oksana's mom brought her the cutest outfit (pictured above) from baby has gone international!
The Monday before Memorial Day (I told you we were back-blogging here), my Aunt Theresa (or Aunt Gigi to Lilly) had a bar-b-que! This is Lilly with cousin Michelle--two pretty ladies!
GG Odie, Lilly, Aunt Vivian, Uncle Joe. Lilly just loved hanging on Grandma and giving away my loving and cuddles!
Aunt Gigi with cousin Marshall...
As close as I could get to a picture of all three of them looking at the camera...too much going on!
Lilly has gotten quite good with her hand-eye coordination. She also really enjoys pulling things with all of her this is what I found when I got her out of the van when we got home. She, apparently, decided to take the shade cover off of her car seat and use it as a blanket! On a side note, seeing her sleep is really just the sweetest thing in the world! (Of course, she is most fun when she awake and interacting with us.)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daddy and Hats

This picture is supposed to be the last photo, but I accidently deleted it and can't get it back down there!
Well, on Mondays we usually take Matt lunch or go eat at Sam's for lunch since this is typically a very busy day for him at work. Here are a few pictures from a couple of our visits. For some reason in many of the pictures with Lilly and other people....she is the only one looking at the camera! Everybody else in the picture seems to be looking at her.

Sitting on daddy's lap telling him about her day.

Laying on daddy's desk trying out a hat.

Playing with daddy. He wears pens on his shirt and she is an expert at finding them!

While we were house-sitting, there was a beautiful evening so we sat outside and Lilly got to wear this hat and sunscreen for the first time.....I smell summer!!

So much to say....

Well, since this night, it has been raining a lot (and before this night)....but we really enjoyed the nice weather! I think it is supposed to be coming back (maybe I am just hoping??).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chicken Dance

Okay, now that we are done house sitting and back in town from our Memorial Day weekend getaway...we should be able to get back to our daily blogging. We are starting off with just a few pics and will continue to post what we have been up to throughout the week. This chicken was an Easter gift from has made several guest appearances on this blog already. It has the chicken dance music, and the chicken's beak moves and it's wings flap faster and faster as the song goes on. Well, Lilly loves this chicken!!
I LOVE this picture!!!
Back to the chicken, Lilly has gotten quite good at grabbing whatever she is interested in and lately whenever we play the chicken...she grabs it's beak! And, occasionally, the wings. She thinks it is hilarious to grab the beak while it is moving!! It is really funny to watch from Matt and I's perspective.
Also, she is a professional sitter-upper now. She loves to sit up and play with her toys.
She is getting to be such a big girl. I swear I was looking at her this weekend and all of the sudden I realized how much she has grown recently and it really kind of freaked me out!!!! I just kept noticing how much taller she has gotten and how much more she is doing lately and how fast it is all happening...just thinking about it makes me a little dizzy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

7 Month Photos

We are currently house-sitting for some friends so I will blog about the last few days tomorrow when I run by the house. However, it is all good because Lilly's 7 month photos are in!! Check out the following link: ---- ---- (click on the link between the dashes). These are much easier to view than the last couple of months. Just keep hitting the arrow button (located at the bottom of the page underneath the big picture) and it will move through the pictures! Hope you had a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, we had such a busy weekend that we decided to stay in these last few days and PLAY. Shaking her maraca while hanging out on her side.
Which toy to play with?
Mommy, do you want to play too???
Playing with her beach ball...I think she is ready for the beach! Me, too!
She lays on her stomach like that and kicks her legs like a little teenager.
I put one of her toy bins on it's side so that she could get to several different toys.
She thought this was a great idea!!
I love this picture. She is laying her head on the green frog while playing with some toys in her hands. Soooo sweet.
And when all else failed, she started playing with the actual toy bin. At one point she was almost completely inside the toy bin. She is just getting so coordinated. She has great control of her hands--she can grab everything, switch toys from hand to hand, and she also reaches for what she wants (i.e. mommy, daddy, out of something, etc.). We are just having so much fun watching her discover EVERYTHING.

In the ABOVE VIDEO, I was watching Dancing with the Stars, and she is shaking her maraca and kicking her little leg to the music! What can I say??? She's got the beat! Haha.
Lilly got to ride in the front of the shopping cart like a big girl at Wal-Mart today. After a thorough sanitation of the cart and strategic blanket placing, she was ready to ride!! She was completely adorable for three reasons (countless reasons--3 main ones though):
(1.) You could tell she felt really big! She kicked her legs constantly...the whole time! She was just big smiles.
(2.) Of course people would stop and talk to her and smile at her and tell her how cute and big she was....BUT, if someone in the isle with us was rude enough not to notice her...she would shriek and giggle and flap her arms UNTIL they stopped and talked to her. It was hilarious.
(3.) She had to hold whatever I put in the cart. If I tried to just slip something in the cart without letting her hold it (i.e. a glass jar), she would start reaching and grunting for it. We also had a little struggle regarding the shopping list. She wanted to crumple it, eat it, and throw it on the floor....I, on the other hand, wanted to use it to make sure I got all the necessary items in order to avoid another Wal-Mart trip.
As I was pushing her in the cart today, I couldn't help but thinking that she is the most adorable little girl I have ever seen....I may be a little biased though. (c: