Thursday, March 28, 2013

No More "Pappy"

 Well a couple of weeks ago Reid gave up his paci. Or as he has always called it... his pappy. He has only had at night time and nap time for a looooooonnnnng time but I just haven't had the heart to take it away.  We have been talking about how he is too big for it and how it is time to start thinking about giving them away for months now.  We even took all of his pacis to Benton to give to Baby Breanna at Christmas...but we just couldn't do it.  And by we...I mean me...Matt has been ready.  What can I say??  He is heartless!  Ha!  In my mind he is still just a baby.  Anyway we had forgotten his paci at home one day for KDO and was a total toot during nap time so as punishment he didn't get it when we got home and did just fine that nap time.  So when he got up we struck a deal that if he gave up his paci completely that we would go to Chuck E Cheese at the end of the week.  And he did.  So we did. 
 Lilly was THRILLED.  They have both been begging to go to CEC so it all worked out great! 
 And we had Trevor and Hayes (and Lisa) there, too, so it was even more fun.
 He honestly did great.  I couldn't believe how easy he took giving it up but I think the fact that we had been discussing it for a few months helped him get used to the idea. 
 So proud of my baby boy!  ( ;  Of course now he thinks he is all grown up. 
This is how he left the house.  He had two different shoes on.  I did point that out to him and he didn't care.  He also had a shirt on that was too big and and pants that were too small (but he said fit perfectly...ummm...maybe last year.  Ha!)  But because of his new found bigness he insisted on dressing himself and because it was his special day, I just went with it.  I just could not love him more! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

MoMo & DeDe Time

 A couple weekends ago MoMo was in town and Lilly, MoMo, and I had a girls day.  (Don't feel bad for Reid--he had a Daddy and Reid day where they went to the baseball game and a birthday party.)  We went shopping at Marshall's and Homegoods-I had never been to a Homegoods before that was fun but there were SO many people out shopping it was crazy! 
 We stopped and had lunch at MiMi's Cafe and Lilly ordered herself a gourmet lunch (which she devoured I might add.)  Then we did a little more shopping...
 which wore a girl out!  My plan was for her to take a short nap b/c it was time change Sunday and I wanted her to go to bed early so this worked out perfectly. 
 My nephew Ethan turned 8 so we went over to help him celebrate!  Can't believe he is already 8! 
 He is SUPER into football right now.  My sister made him some football team art to hang on his wall.  We found him some little football men that are like those little plastic green army men and they were a hit! 
After that we went and got our nails done and went and let them pick out a new pair of pajamas.  We had a great girls' day! 
 That Sunday we celebrated Easter with MoMo.  She gave both of the kids an Easter basket loaded with goodies!  My favorite was the bible words dictionary for preschool kids!
 We had a great visit with MoMo and PaPa Ray!
 Then last weekend DeDe came to see us!  We did a little shopping and ate at lots of yummy places!  I promise I don't shop all the time--just when the grandparents are in.  Ha!
 I bought this bathing suit and hat for Lilly a couple weeks ago and while we were shopping I found it in Breanna's size, too.  I can't wait to see them both all cute and matching this summer! 
 DeDe got Reid this shirt for St. Patrick's Day so he rocked it on Sunday! 

 He was so cute that I probably had to pinch his cheeks anyway.  ( ; 
 And She got Lilly this sassy outfit, too.  Or maybe it isn't the outfit that is sassy.  ( :
We had a great weekend with DeDe and were so glad she came to visit!

 These two kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE their grandparents and are so blessed to have such great ones!
 Then my sweet coteacher Jaime came to work last Thursday at 41 weeks pregnant!  Champion!  I told our boss--if I am ever pregnant again--don't expect me past 35 weeks.  Ha!!  But seriously.
On Sunday Luke finally came out to meet us!  He is just precious and looks so much like his older brother Mason. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Day Out

 Well a couple of weeks ago it was Dr Seuss Day at KDO and it just so happened that my co-teacher and I were in charge of that special day.  Between both of us having sick kids for the past few months and a crazy busy month--it took a small miracle to pull it off but God provides and it was both a success and fun!  The kids and I went as the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I have to admit I thought we were pretty cute!  Also, I did not get any ideas from Pinterest for our yeah, I was feeling pretty creative.  Ha!  Lilly and Reid LOVED Dr. Seuss Day.  Reid was in character, too.  He referred to me as Cat in the Hat and Lilly as Thing 1 All. Day. Long! We also had to call him Thing 2.  Gosh I love those two!  Lilly has also had me read Green Eggs and Ham 100 times and they both want to try green eggs and ham.  Ha!  Maybe soon? 
 We had been really busy that week so on Friday I just wanted to hang out with Lilly and Reid and have a day to do what they wanted to do.  The first place they wanted to go was the library.  Of the two hours we were there only 10 minutes of that was spent looking at books.  The rest of the time was on the computer.  I just love the cuteness of those big headphones on their little heads. 
 They played several learning games and just loved it.  They did not want to leave either. 
 There is a local place where you can go and use their Ellison machines to cut things out so we swung by there bc I had to cut a few things out.  As you can see from this blurry picture--Lilly was cutting her own things out and Reid was taking pictures with my phone.  We had a great time and they were entertained cutting a piece of paper into several pieces. 
After that the kids asked if we could go to Hammontrees for lunch.  I was happy to say yes because I LOVE that place!  We had a fun, low-key afternoon and I was so thankful to have the day to just focus on and love on them. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Breanna!!

Happy FIRST Birthday Breanna!!!
 Lilly and Reid are so excited that it is "Baby Breanna's" birthday!! 
 We have had so much fun watching her grow this past year!  Lilly told me this week, "Mommy when she gets older, I will just call her Breanna."  That is funny because they ALWAYS refer to her as Baby Breanna. 
 Lilly was so upset this morning when I told her we weren't going to Texas to celebrate her birthday today--we are waiting for her birthday party.  She wanted to be there today! 
 We can't wait to see her and help celebrate her!!
We love you Bre-Bre and hope you had a fun day and some cake!!

White Christmas

Well the day after Christmas the kids were ready to play in the snow. 
 We did all the snow-type activities including make snow angels.

 Play in it.
 Throw LOTS of snowballs. 

 Also we were so thankful for all that MoMo put in our stockings because at some point that week--I think we used it all!  Including the hat and gloves for each of the kiddos! 
 I was trying to get a picture of her throwing a snowball at me but I moved the camera dodging.  I do love her sweet eyes and that hat, though! 

 Catching flakes on his tongue.
 Eating a little snow.  I think this is when he decided snow was delicious.  Today (during spring break mind you) it was snowing huge flakes and Reid looked outside and said, "It's snowing!  That looks yummy!"
Our family photo.  Can you tell we rolled out of bed, bundled up, and walked right outside?  (: 

 We made this sad looking little snowman.  Ha!  I can't look at the picture without laughing.  It looks like a skeleton snowman.
 And we made snow ice cream. 
 So, yeah, the kids had the best time ever. 
 We decided since we still didn't have power we were going to go to Peggy's because she had power--so Matt shoveled the driveway.  Leave it my man to be outside in a t-shirt and his pants rolled up into shorts outside in the snow.  Love that man! 
We saw trees down on our way everywhere--in fact, one of them fell into Mike and DeDe's garage room and put a hole in it.  We were so thankful for a warm place to stay and everyone safely together, and of course for the fun memories!