Thursday, May 27, 2010


Okay so the pictures and the content of this post are about as random as you can get! We got all of our stuff moved last weekend and are unpacking. Never move the week before season finales!!! I have had to take an Internet hiatus just so I don't find out who won Biggest Loser and American Idol. I seriously haven't checked facebook, twitter, or other blogs just in case! Hopefully I can catch up on the shows so I can catch up with what my friends are up to!!
Lilly is loving the new house. She LOVES getting into the pantry. I had to make an emergency run to Target for a baby proof door handle so her and I didn't have to go to war over it!!! She gets in it and snacks constantly....CONSTANTLY. That was no big deal--it was the throwing everything (including breakables on the floor) that caused the issues. We have fixed that problem.
She also spent no less than 20 minutes in our shower the other day just opening and closing the shower door. Apparently she doesn't mind a shower door!!
Lilly has been trying to share with Bubby lately! (That does not mean that she has quit taking whatever he is playing with...she just tries to share what she isn't interested in. I still see it as progress!!!)
These two have started chattering together and laughing at each other. Oh my gosh!!! It is priceless!!!
These pictures were taken while I was packing...and therefore Lilly was unpacking. Reid is starting to learn the sippee cup.
We have had a couple of big milestones but they deserve their own posts so I will save those for later.
Don't you just want to kiss their little faces???
Reid is feeling SO MUCH BETTER! We have all gotten to sleep through the night this week!!!!!!! Lilly's ears are cleared up too so we are just praising Jesus all over this new house!!!
I had put Lilly and Reid down for naps a couple of weeks ago and walked into the kitchen and was doing the dishes. I turned around and saw this (the doll in the chair). I about jumped out of my skin! My mind was like where did this baby come from for a split second...then of course I realized it was a doll.
We had our last MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group the other day. I wish we met through the summer because I am going to miss these ladies!! This is Jenna and I...I will still see Jenna at playgroup through the summer. If you get a chance, say a little prayer for her and her family because they have been SO SICK.
Some other girls at our MOPS table...Brandy, Jill, and Melissa. They are so sweet and it is fantastic to get to talk to other moms without the kiddos there to interrupt and distract for a little while. However, we always end up talking about our kids and more often than not somehow the conversation always turns to poop and puke. Ahhhh, the life of a mom! Haha.
This is our table! Me, Kerri, Abby, Brandy, Jill, Jennifer, Melissa, and Jenna. Can't wait to see you guys in September if not before then!!!
Well, the kids are sleeping so I better use this time to put some stuff away!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Packing Up

The Scott household has been having a packing party!!!

(I must've been telling him to growl like a tiger...haha!)

Of course we won't forget to pack up our most precious cargo!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


First let me apologize for leaving you all hanging after such a "downer" post. I really meant to post a happy one the next day but just have had NO time. The shot and antibiotic did not help Reid's fact they got worse. We went to the ENT Monday and he was like, "these are seriously infected". I already knew they had gotten worse before he said that though. Also, Lilly has another ear infection too...which I also knew before he told me. Lovely....
We scheduled tubes for this morning. I was anxious all week but knew it needed to be done. Nothing else worked and we had tried all available medicines. God reassured me that it was the right decision last night when Reid could not sleep at all. I ended up staying up in the recliner so he could sleep some. We could tell he was just simply miserable!!
For little to no sleep, he was in fairly good spirits while we waited for the tubes. We had to get there at 7:00 am and his surgery was at 8:15. I cried a little walking into the pre-op area. It is hard to imagine your sweet little baby being in an operating room regardless of how "minor" the procedure might be. I have to take a deep breath every time I use the word "surgery".
He played with his spoon and a couple of other toys until it was time to go.

The hospital bracelet. The nurse kept talking about his cute lets...she mentioned the word chubby. Haha. I LOVE his legs. He hasn't eaten the past couple of days. I was really worried because he couldn't have anything to eat this morning but it turned out that he hasn't wanted to eat anyway. ):
The doctor came in and stamped a butterfly stamp by both ears to let them know he was getting tubes. I am not going to lie....this made me doubt their system if they needed to stamp his face to remember what they are doing to him??? I guess it is more important that they do, indeed, remember than how they remember...I guess.
They took him away and he was fine with that. He didn't cry. In less than 15 minutes the doctor came out and told us that everything had went great. In a couple more minutes they came to get us because he was awake. He was so confused and cried a little bit. Then he settled down until another kid SCREAMED his head off....after 5 minutes of that Reid went into a melt down!! I think he just couldn't figure it out. He didn't settle down until he fell asleep in the car a few minutes into the ride home.
Since we got home, he has still been fussy and refused to eat much of anything. I am hopeful though because he has been asleep for about two hours and he was SO TIRED. I am hoping he will wake up feeling MUCH MUCH BETTER. Also, I need to thank my MIL for traveling down here on short notice. She stayed with Lilly during the tube ordeal and I was able to take a much needed nap once we got home!! She was a life saver. Plus, she is helping take care of the kids while we move this weekend....Oh yeah, did I mention that we are moving during all of this?? I have got to finish packing because we are loading up soon!! Understand the lack of posts??? Haha.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Damn Ear Infections!

Okay so this post is mostly going to be about me venting about ear infections with some cute random pictures thrown in here for the grandparents. Just FYI. So Sunday and Monday were probably the toughest days of my parenting career. On Thursday and Friday we were convinced that Reid was healing. He almost slept through the night both nights and just seemed to be feeling a little better.
Unfortunately Saturday night, he was up all night miserable. I mean he would sleep for 5 minutes and then just wake up crying...and crying that cry where you could tell he just DID. NOT. FEEL. GOOD!! At 4:00 a.m. we finally got him to sleep for about an hour and a half. Then, he woke up SCREAMING and he continued to scream until 8:00. Nothing and I mean NOTHING comforted him. Do you know how helpless that makes a Mommy feel??
To add to this situation, Baby Dedication was that morning and we had several people that had come in from out of town. I told Matt that I was putting Reid in the car and if he stopped crying we would go the dedication and if not I was going straight to the doctor. Well, he stopped crying and even flashed a we went to Baby Dedication.
I should explain at this point that Matt and I were like an old engine held together by duct tape and chicken wire....barely functioning!!! We hadn't slept and we were so stressed out because Reid was clearly NOT better. He has been sick for 2 1/2 months. There was a reception after the dedication. I should also throw in the fact that we had to wake Lilly up to get ready and she wasn't in the best of moods either. Anyway, after her throwing a tantrum because I wouldn't let her have an open juice bottle by herself I exasperatedly said, "Lilly you are driving Mommy crazy this morning" which point our entire table turned and looked at me horrified and with judgement. It was only 9:30 A.M.
(Side note on this picture...when Lilly slides she lands right on her bottom...she loves makes me hurt.) Then we went to lunch with our Mothers....unfortunately it was Mother's Day and with Matt's great aunt passing away and having to go out of town unexpectedly...we had NO GIFTS OR CARDS.
I still consider it a good day because it was Mother's Day and I feel so incredibly blessed to be a Mommy but it was a hard day.
We didn't get much sleep Sunday night either and went to the Pediatrician Monday morning. At which point they tell us that not only are his ear infections back but they are pretty much as bad as they can be. They gave him a shot and his FIFTH antibiotic and we have scheduled an ENT appointment for next week. We talked about tubes.
I can't lie...I cried ALL DAY LONG. I think I was just overwhelmed. I just couldn't quit picturing my SWEET PRECIOUS PERFECT baby boy in a hospital operating room. I know it is the simplest procedure and that I just need to put my big girl pants on and get over it....but I just feel so helpless because I haven't been able to get him healed. I am so frustrated at the 8 doctors appointments and hundreds of dollars we have spent just to have to keep going back again and again with the same problem not getting any better.
I have thought a lot about people who have babies that are seriously sick or in the hospital and my heart has just broken for them because my son has just had ear infections for a couple of months and may have to have tubes and I was reduced to a blubbering mess for an entire day!! I have just lifted them up in prayer because I just can't even imagine!
On a positive end, Reid is feeling better. He is always a happy boy so I just didn't realize how much MORE SMILEY he is when he is feeling better. I can tell the ears are still bothering him but I can tell that he is feeling much better. Yesterday and today, ironically, have been two of my greatest days in parenting...maybe not ironically...more like God's blessings!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

20 Months

Lilly is 20 Months old today. I can't believe how big my baby is and how much she is doing and learning every single day!!! Lilly, you have done so much this month. For starters you discovered your love of bubbles!! The Easter Bunny brought you and "Bubby" some bubbles and a bubble machine. OH are a fan!
You kept saying "bubba, bubba, bubba" and I was like "oh how sweet, you love your brother!" but it turns out you were talking about bubbles. Ha!

You have broken through 3 new teeth this month! You have almost all of your "vampire" (eye?) teeth now.
Oh girl! You crack us up ALL THE TIME! Lately, you really mimic us. In this picture you have your baby and my purse. One of your favorite "games" to play is going bye-bye. You walk to the door and say "bye" and we tell you bye and blow kisses. Or you get into your kozy coupe (car) and wave to us as you go around the living room. SO FUN!!
The other day you had your baby in your little baby stroller, your purse, and your blackberry (my old electronic sudoku game) up to your ear. Daddy said you have been watching me too closely. Haha.
Simply precious! You also love love love love love to go outside and throw an absolutely embarrassing fit when it is time to come inside. You would spend every waking second outside if you any type of weather!
One thing that is kind of funny is that you and bubby fight over....
the baby! I did not see this coming! You call Reid "Bubby" It is awesome and sweet!! At first we couldn't figure out what you were talking about but you kept saying it NONSTOP. You also say Reid (more like "Reeee").
You love to to the point of exhaustion. Aunt Lois watched you the other day and when I got back she said, "She was good but she wanted me to read the whole time (2 hrs).
You like to count things on the pages. We also point to the words together. You are one smart cookie (the doctor verified this the other day...he said "she is just 20 months?")
You have also started to "read" on your own. You flip through the book and just jabber on and on....sometimes I think you might be reading a novel!
Mess-maker, mess-maker, that is you!! One thing that has really improved this month is that I can get you to help pick up now!! Hallelujah!! Haha! Here you are helping sweep up one of your "uh-ohs" (that are never really uh-ohs by the way--I do appreciate that you pretend it was an accident for my sanity though). You LOVE the broom. I hope you keep that love so one day Mommy doesn't have to sweep...ah, dreams.
Your new thing is to try to ride Tank. Let me be honest with you....he is NOT a fan. You also try to catch his tail. Not a big fan of that either. Just FYI.
But you LOVE Tank pretty much more than anything else. You also love to throw everything. We are working on this--your family is tired of being hit with random objects unexpectedly!
Haha! This picture says it all. You don't want to listen!! I thought I had until your teenage years for this but apparently it starts at 1 year and not 13. No, seriously, this is how I knew you had an ear infection. You are on your second dose of antibiotics and hopefully it is gone now!!
Oh! One day you went to bed totally normal and woke up looking like this!! I may have panicked a little. We went straight to the doctor's office. He thought you had allergies and probably got something in your eye. He said it would clear up by itself...and it did.
You love your "bubby bubby bubby bubby". For some reason you can't say his name just once (or Daddy's or Mommy's) have to say them at least 5 times. I just love your sweet voice! You are saying so many things these days! You repeat almost anything we say (when you are in the mood).
Your bubby loves you so much too. He just always look at you with so much admiration. It melts my heart and I am just so thankful to God that his plan was to give you two to us this close together because I wouldn't change it for the world.
Lilly, like I say every month, we are just blessed beyond words to have you as part of our family. I don't know what I did before you and don't care to remember. You are the sweetest little girl with a personality that is just out of this world! You are our little social butterfly and every one that meets you just falls in love with you! We couldn't love you more (but somehow tomorrow we will!) and we just thank God for you daily. Can't wait to see what you do this next month!