Monday, April 30, 2012

Day with MoMo

Well MoMo stayed the night with us Monday night and spent all Tuesday afternoon with us!
 We all got ready and sported our new sunglasses!
 Of course we had to take a picture because We. Were. Stylin'.  ( ;
 The kids were so happy to have MoMo in town!!  (Reid was done with pictures at this point.  MoMo's camera was having an issue and his patience was g-o-n-e.  I am sure he inherited that from Matt. Ha!) 
 We met Daddy, Aunt Shelly, and Uncle Tom at Slim Chicken for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping.  We took both kids to Hobby Lobby and were there for TWO HOURS.  For the time they were there they were really good but we were all ready to get out of there.  The good news is that we all got stuff for some cute projects and gifts!  We dropped Reid off at Aunt Shelly's for a nap (but we forgot the paci and he didn't take one) and I took Lilly to dance. 
 Then we all went back to Aunt Shelly's house to celebrate Jackson's birthday.  Reid got into Ethan's closet and found his Cars bike helmet and just wore it around the house.  Ha!  It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for him to just wear that around as all boy as he is! 
 This picture just makes me laugh. 
 Aunt Shelly french braided Lilly's hair.  I don't know how to french braid so Lilly thinks this is such a special treat and just loves it!  This is also the only picture I got of the birthday boy.  He is 15.  He got a new room make-over for his birthday and he was showing it to me and I said, "This sure is a nice room for a 13 year old!"  Ha!  I just refuse to believe that it is possible that he is 15!! 
 Aunt Shelly and Emma.  The kids also got to swimming in the hot tub while we were there and they loved that.  They are so ready for pool season!!
Emma's birthday is coming up and she is having a Dr. Seuss birthday party.  Her cake is going to look like a stack of books and Michelle had books stacked up to show what it was going to look like and Emma hasn't let her put the books away.  She keeps saying, "No.  That is my birthday cake."  Well, I didn't know this and when we were leaving Michelle was in there consoling Emma because she was upset.  We get in the car and Lilly says, "I had to take Emma's cake because I was Swiper the Fox and Swiper swipes things!"  It wasn't until later that we put two and two together and figured out Lilly had messed up Emma's "cake" and upset Emma and Lilly was pretty much telling on herself...Michelle stacked some more books up and all is well again.  We enjoyed our day with MoMo and Aunt Shelly and all the family!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

MoMo & DeDe Day!!

Last Sunday night Matt came back home but the kids and I stayed in Benton because my friend Brittany was having her baby in Little Rock on Monday.  MoMo met us there Sunday night so that she could watch the kids Monday and drive us back home. 
 DeDe took Monday off, too, so the kids had BOTH grandmas Monday.  Can you say SPOILED???? 
 DeDe cooked breakfast and then MoMo and DeDe took them to the park where they played, played, played!!

 I love this picture.  (: 

 Hugging each other. 
 Hahahahaha!!  Maybe a little too much love.  (:
 After the park MoMo and DeDe took the kids to Target.  Y'all--I should have taken a picture of ALL of the stuff they came out of Target, clothes, toys, you name it...they made out like Christmas.  Oh, and they also picked stuff out for Breanna too!  Ha!  They said Lilly would pick something out and say, "Oh, I need this!" or "Oh, Bubby needs this!" or "Oh, Baby Breanna needs this!"  While they were having their fun...
 I was at the hospital meeting Ms. Isabella!  Isn't she precious?? 

I squeal at the cuteness!!  We were so excited to meet her and can't wait to watch her grow and get to know her little personality!

After the hospital I met up with MoMo, DeDe, and Lilly, and Reid to have lunch at Chili's (chips and salsa anyone?) and then we went to Old Navy and did a little shopping.  I may have gotten a little spoiled there, too.  ( ;  All in all it was a great Monday and we got to end it by coming home and seeing Daddy! 

Friday, April 27, 2012


On Sunday Lilly went to Sunday School with DeDe.  She gets to be in DeDe's class when we go to visit so she really loves that!  I made the mistake of saying something about her "going to church" and she said, "No!  I didn't go to church!  I went to Sunday School!!"  Whenever we are there Matt's dad always cooks a big lunch and the family all comes over and eats.  We always love Sunday lunch!  After the kids' naps we were ready to go see MamMa and Granddaddy. 

In the car Lilly started singing a song that she was making up as we went along.  (This video may be from Saturday...I can't really remember.)  She sang for about 10 minutes before I did this video.  She will just kind of be singing random sounds and then throw in a few actual words from stuff she is seeing or thinking about.  It was so cute and I am glad that I was able to get a few seconds of it on video! 
 We went by to see MamMa. 
 Reid ran right up to her and jumped on her lap.  Oh my word--we were trying to teach him to use his gentle hands. 
 Then he wanted to push her around.  We tried to stop him but she told us "to leave that boy alone!"  So we did. 
 Then Lilly wanted a turn pushing and Reid wanted a ride.  I don't know that the place where she stays is ready for Lilly and Reid!  Ha!
 Reid giving her a kiss.  Such a sweet picture!  He would hit her leg (trying to just pat--not intentionally being mean) but we would tell him to be careful and easy and then he would bend down and kiss her leg.  He is turning a bit rambunctious--we are completely in the "training" phase of parenting now.  ( :
 Matt and MamMa. 
 After we left MamMa's we went to visit Granddaddy and Eutha.  This was right before we were leaving and they wanted chocolate.  I said, "If you get over there and smile for a picture then you can have your chocolate."
 Lilly was all smiles and ready.  Reid was saying "cheeeeese" but looking off.  I said he needed to look at Mommy and I got...
this.  Ha!  We always love going to see them and are so thankful for our family!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some fun at DeDe's

Friday night we headed to Mike and DeDe's house to spend the weekend.  We got there Friday night and the kids were ready to play!  DeDe had found some "tangled hair" and Lilly was so excited to put it on.
 We just laughed and laughed at her running around the house with all that hair.  Matt was dropping Tank off at his cousin's house when she first put it on and we kept saying, "Daddy isn't going to believe how much your hair has grown!!" and she would just giggle. 
 The back view.  When Lilly and her friends play dress-up they are almost always "the lost princess" from Tangled.  After we put the kids to bed Matt and I caught up on all of the Duck Dynasty episodes we hadn't seen.  We had watched our first episode the weekend before at Bert and Becca's the weekend before.  That is our new favorite show. 

Saturday morning the kids played and then we got around and went and ate lunch at Zaxby's.  While the kids were napping DeDe and I went and did some shopping at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, the Dollar Tree, and payless--you know all of those places I don't want to take Lilly and Reid shopping!  Ha!  I was so thrilled to find some things for a bridal shower and gift I am working on.  I feel like between the shower, teacher appreciation, and end of the year gifts--I am in craft overdrive!  Stupid Pinterest and the pressure to be over-the-top.  ( ;  While we were waiting for a table at Chili's, Matt and his dad took the kids to the park.  Then we ate and DeDe and I took the kids to a different park.  They got LOTS of play time!  And they loved every second of it.
 Getting ready to slide!

 My kids are climbers! 

 They climb all the obstacles like champions!  When did they get big enough to have these skills???  I feel like they should barely be walking!
 Reid "roooaaarrring" like a T-Rex.  We recently discovered The Land Before Time 2--and are a little obsessed.  We were at lunch with my sister yesterday and Reid told her to, "sit down and watch the dinosaur movie"-ha!
 They were running in circles too yelling, "Murderer!!" (it is from the Lion King) and I had to explain that isn't an appropriate thing to just randomly yell. 
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look on her face in this picture.  She does this all the time and I am so glad I caught in on camera. 
 I should've taken a picture of the little boy they played with there.  He just wanted to be chased!  It was so funny. 
 Look at that pretty girl!  I know I am biased--but I just love her!!
 After the park we went and got some yogurt.  The above was Lilly's.  She got "pink" ice cream with fruity pebbles, lucky charms, reeces pieces, and chocolate chips. 
Reid's--he also got "pink" ice cream, strawberries, chocolate chips, and black berries.  Reid is more of a cookie and brownie kind of guy but Lilly loves ice cream.  We had so much fun! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mary Poppins

For Valentine's Day Matt got us tickets to go see Mary Poppins at our local theatre.  Last Thursday was the big night!!  I had been sick all week so I was so thankful that I was all better and we were able to go!
 Ready for our date night!!
 Grandma Odie and Aunt CiCi kept the kids for us.  The kids were SO excited to get to spend the evening with them.  Aunt CiCi has a pond with big catfish and ducks so the kids brought some bread and were pumped up about getting to feed the ducks and fish.  When we pulled up Lilly said, "I am so happy to see Gammy Odie!"  It was precious.  She also insisted on wearing her princess dress-up shoes (heels) to go feed the ducks.  She ended up breaking her first pair of high heels. I just love her girly-girlness. 
 Mary Poppins was great.  I was so impressed at all the things they could do with the set.  It was really good.  I always love a little one-on-one time with my honey too!  I am so thankful for a husband that plans special nights for us like this. 
And for family that watched our kids and did fun stuff with them while we had our date night!  So blessed! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Meeting Breanna

The weekend before last we made the trip to meet Breanna--Matt and I's precious little niece and Lilly and Reid's sweet little cousin! 
We have been chomping at the bits to go meet her but since we were going to be staying with them we figured we would give them a few weeks to get settled.  We were so excited and so ready to get to see her and get our hands on her!  The kids couldn't wait to check her out!  Lilly wanted to hold her so Lilly sat on my lap and we "held her" together. 
 Reid got up in Matt's lap while he was holding Breanna.  As you can probably tell--Matt is giving him the rules--mainly be gentle!!  Ha! 
 Using his sweet hands!
 Going in for a kiss! 
 Happy guy.
 He was on my lap saying, "Baby Breanna is so pretty!" and "I lub her!"  and "Baby Breanna lubs me!"  Lilly was really sweet with her too but I didn't get any pictures of that.  :(
 Becca's birthday was that Thursday so we did a little celebrating with her!  Smiling with the cake...
 deciding to get Breanna so she can be a part of the celebration too! 

Isn't the cake cute?  It was tasty too!
 The kids ready for cake!!  They LOVE to sing Happy Birthday and birthday cake!  They had a full day--they got to meet Breanna, go swimming, and be part of a birthday party!
 When we put Lilly to bed--this air mattress had sheets on it and lots of pillows and blankets.  And the lights and fan were off.  We go up to check on Lilly and find her like this.  No sheets.  No blankets.  1 pillow.  Lights in the room are on.  Fan is going full blast.  Haha!  That is our Lilly! 
 DeDe with the all of her grandbabies!  One with Lilly looking...
and one with Reid!  We had a great weekend and just love love LOVE our precious sweet perfect niece! I realized I didn't get any pictures of just Breanna so I borrowed a couple from Becca's blog so you guys could see all her cuteness!