Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's Been Up

This week we have been hanging out at the house.  Our official quarantine ends in an hour and we will be back.  Reid has told me, "I'm not sick!" for two days and is ready to be back in action.  ( ;  Lilly--I believe only through answered prayer--did not get it.  When we checked her Sunday she had a couple of bumps on her feet and we prayed that she wouldn't get it (even though it appeared as though she was) and God answered that prayer!  I am so thankful!! 
In other news Lilly has been SUCH A HELPER around the house lately.  If I ask her to please go do such and such she has been replying, "Of course!"  Ha!  Her newest thing is to rinse the dishes off.  She gets her little stool and stands next to me and I wash the dishes and she rinses them. 
Y'all--she LOVES it.  This morning I had a few dishes to wash and I was filling up the sink and I told her she should go outside and play before it starts raining (in the fenced back yard where I can see her of course) and she said, "No!  I want to do the dishes!"  Ha!  She would rather do dishes than play.  I love seeing a helpful and servant heart developing--I hope she always love to help and serve others. 
Reid brought in this broom handle yesterday and sat down and put it in front of him (like it is in the picture) and started giggling and said, "Look!! I am in a high chair!!"  He cracked himself up!!  Like mother, like son.  Ha! 
Last night we made some palm leaves.  I took a few of our plastic eggs and put rice in them so they made noise when we shook them.  I put tape around the eggs to keep them from opening but I just knew we would end up with rice everywhere anyway.  To my (pleasant) surprise--the tape worked and there was no mess!

We talked about Palm Sunday and I was SO IMPRESSED at how much Lilly remembered from church Sunday!  She knew it was a palm leaf, that Jesus rode in on a donkey, and that the people said, "Hosanna!"  We decided to have some fun with the story so Daddy was the donkey!  (He was such a good sport and even volunteered for the part.)
Whoever wasn't riding the donkey would sit with me and we had our palm leaves and eggs ready and whenever they came "into town" we yelled, "Hosanna!  Hosanna in the highest" (I guess that is what they said on Sunday because Lilly kept adding "in the highest" so we just went with it.)
Reid was so funny--he just hung on Matt but he LOVED it.  Tank, on the other hand, could not figure out what was going on and was very riled up. 
This is a picture of Lilly waiting for them to come in the room. 
I love how Matt and Reid are laying in the same position and have their arms in exactly the same position.
After that we made soap.  I couldn't find soap flakes at the store so I just grated some Ivory soap.
Reid did not want to touch the mixture until it was playdoh consistency.  Until then he just watched intently. 
 Once we got it to the right consistency we added some food coloring...Reid picked blue, Lilly picked red. 
 Then we mixed it all up. 
Reid washed his hands at least 10 times during the whole process.  He did like that he already had soap on his hands. 
 Then we rolled it out and used some playdoh cutters to make shaped soap. 
We left them in the cookie cutters to dry overnight. 
Then we went to the bathroom and talked about how Jesus watched His disciples' (or friends as the kids call them) feet.  We talked about how the roads were dirt and how they walked everywhere and how their feet would have been really really dirty.  We talked about how we had been playing outside with shoes on and our feet were still dirty!  The kids were both very into this conversation.  It was pretty funny.  Then we put our feet in the bathtub and just stood there for a minute to let the dirt loosen up. 
And then we washed each other's feet.  This was such a sweet moment!  I can't even really explain it because as I am typing it sounds a little gross BUT it really was so precious.  We let the kids pick whose feet they wanted to wash and they picked each other. 
Isn't that such a sweet innocent face??   
Then Lilly wanted to help wash Mommy and Daddy's feet too.  We are having so much fun teaching Lilly and Reid all about the real meaning of Easter and they amaze us at how much they understand and remember!  
 Before bed Lilly randomly got up and grabbed her palm leaf and egg and was running in circles shouting, "Hosanna!!  Hosanna in the highest!!"  Then, of course, Reid followed suit.  They have been doing it this morning too.  So funny and so precious. 
And this is what our soap looks like today!  The two in the cutters weren't dry yet.  We are looking forward to a block party tonight and getting out of this house!  Wahoo!  (: 

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Courtney said...

I think it is so wonderful that you are taking time to do these wonderful lessons with your children. They will remember these for years to come.